I am just about to finish up at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark before travelling Europe for 2 weeks and returning to Australia.

This has been an incredible experience but very different to what I was expecting!

People said that this would be the best time of your life and that you would change so much but for me the experience was amazing in very different ways.

The Danish people and Europeans are so different to Australia.
Their focus is on succeeding socially and making sure you are having a good time with your friends rather than focusing solely on work - something that many Australians I believe can learn from and something I want to bring back to Australia myself.

Apart from the beautiful scenery I also experienced something else.
I had a beautiful group of friends from all over the world who taught me how to be kind, how to grow as a person, how to meet people and just say yes to every opportunity you can no matter how uncomfortable you feel at the time.
I have learnt to converse and challenge myself and I have this exchange to thank.

Thank you to UQ for giving me this fantastic opportunity!

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