UQ Program: Bachelor of Science/MBBS

My time in Montreal has, without a doubt, been one of the best experiences of my life. The city is so unique and interesting, there is always something to do. Whatever it is that you want to get out of exchange, I guarantee that Montreal will provide it.

As a second year Science/Medicine student, my academic life differed a little from the typical exchange student here as I was pretty limited in terms of what subjects I could do because of my degree. As a result of this, I ended up having courses at both the downtown and Macdonald campuses, something which I would recommending avoiding as much as you can (it’s a 45 minute bus trip between campuses, and if the snow is bad you can be stuck on the road for a fair while longer). However, academically speaking, the courses at McGill were pretty comparable to the ones at UQ, with a pretty manageable workload (having 8 midterms didn’t help, but again that was because of the weird combination of subjects I had to do over here).

I would definitely recommend joining MISN, the McGill International Students Network. They organized a number of trips (ski trip was a highlight, if you get a chance you definitely should not pass that up) and really helped let the exchange students get to know each other. I would also recommend trying to find an apartment close to McGill (I lived in the McGill Ghetto, and the convenience was well worth the extra $100 or so I had to pay per month), as many of the students that you will meet will live in that vicinity.

Also, if you can be in Montreal for at least some of the summer, you will not be disappointed. There are events happening almost every week, including tam tams and Picnik Electronik every Sunday, as well as a large variety of festivals, ranging from the famous comedy festival to local beer festivals.

To anyone considering an exchange at McGill, I would definitely recommend it – it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I guarantee you will have the time of your life.

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