UQ Program: Bachelor of Arts

McGill University was an excellent experience and I would highly recommend it to any student. McGill is one of the top universities in Canada and is considered to be the Canadian equivalent to the Ivy League. I completed my final semester at McGill and arrived for the winter semester. It is a tough time of year with everything covered with snow but is great for concentration because the freezing cold is a good excuse to stay indoors and study. The snow doesn’t stop anyone and life goes on as normal and Montreal still comes to life at night with dance parties and wonderful opportunities to socialise with your fellow students.

Whether fall or winter semesters there is plenty to do on and off campus, with a great fitness program which is made very affordable for students.  There are many sporting facilities to take advantage of. The workload is significantly greater than any Australian university which is challenging and rewarding but requires dedication, with a higher focus on exam based assessment that you need to be prepared for. However the workload is what makes McGill a fine institution and I really benefitted from the knowledge gained.

Montreal is a great jumping off point for touring with the US within your reach. Day trips to New York, Toronto, Vermont, Maine, Boston and the beautiful Quebec City all within a day’s travel. There are ski fields for the winter and lots of outdoor festivals in the summer and all year round.

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