Academic experience: It was very difficult to find courses at UBC to get approved for my major, Nanotechnology, once I found my courses it was not until I arrived I was informed I couldnt enrol in some, therefore the courses I ended up doing were not very relevant to my course. Make sure you are certain you will get into all courses you get approved before leaving!

Personal Experiences: BC is an extremely recreational and outdoor area, if you enjoy any snowsports, camping, hiking or just getting out into nature I would highly recommend coming to UBC. UBC also has various clubs such as UBC ski and board and UBC outdoor club which both have frequent trips and events to get involved in, both having a wealth of knowledge to learn just about anything you want to know about the recreational side of BC.
Expenses: The actual exchange is easily covered by the money you can get with the OS-HELP loan however if you are buying ski gear or doing extra travel in Canada i would recommend atleast another 2 thousand dollars as cost of living in Canada is not much different from Australia.

Accomodation: Over my exchange I lived in a 1st year residence "totem park" which was alot of fun however as far as student accomodation goes I would recommend one of the second/third year residences as people in these will be in your courses and they will be of age, which i found a big problem when trying to find people to go out with in my residence.

5 top tips:

  • Whistler. Get here for some wicked skiiing or boarding, the ski area is rediculous, you can spend a month or more and still be finding new runs.
  • Pub/Club crawl in Whistler. The nightlife is awsome here and the best way to find out what is good is to go on one of these, UBC ski and board organises one which I would highly recommend.
  • Vancouver Island. Just a short ferry ride away, is a great place to see some of the wildlife/ forests of BC and if you can brave the water it also has a couple good surf breaks.
  • Grouse Grind. In north vancouver, grouse mountain has a staircase up the mountain, I highly recommend you give it a go.
  • Night skiing at Grouse or Cypress mountain. Both mountains offer night skiing with amazing views of the city and both are accessible by bus after a day at uni. 

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