During your exchange you will still be enrolled as a full-time student at UQ. Before you leave for exchange, you will need to ensure that you are correctly enrolled on mySI-net.

Course codes

UQ Abroad will enrol you in course codes which show you are on exchange; however it is your responsibility to check that you are enrolled correctly by the appropriate UQ census date (March 31 for Semester 1 or August 31 for Semester 2) or you will be charged a late fee. Please contact UQ Abroad if you have any questions or concerns.

The codes that you must be enrolled in for your UQ Abroad period of study per semester are:

  • Semester 1: EXCH1011, EXCH 1012, EXCH 1013, EXCH 1014
  • Semester 2: EXCH1021, EXCH 1022, EXCH 1023, EXCH 1024

If you are in the final semester of your degree program and have only six units left to complete, or if you have special permission to be enrolled in six units, you will need to withdraw yourself from one 2-unit EXCH course code before the appropriate census date.

Withdrawing from non-exchange units

If you are going on exchange during UQ's second semester, please ensure that you have withdrawn from all non-exchange units for second semester by the end of May to allow UQ Abroad to enrol you in the exchange codes for Semester 2.

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