UQ Program: Bachelors of Commerce/Laws 

One of the main advantages of studying at Sciences Po, Paris for my exchange was that I was able to study law in English, while practising my French in everyday life. Most of the law courses were interesting, focussing mainly on human rights and international law. Although more theoretical than at UQ, each of my seven courses had substantially more assessment, so a reasonable amount of study was required. However, I will never be nervous about doing an oral presentation again, even in French.

I lived with a friend close to the Eiffel Tower, and spent many happy afternoons having picnics and reading in the park. I was also able to walk to Uni almost every day. I also played tennis through Sciences Po, which was a fantastic way to meet French students. I have made friends that will last a lifetime, (and ensure free accommodation for future travels). Paris is a fantastic base for travel, especially if you buy a 12-25 card for discount travel within France. Outside Notre Dame on La Nuit Blanche.

The main benefit of studying in Paris is, of course, the city itself. Most of the clichés are true: many of the girls wore heels to Uni every day; the city never sleeps; and the food is amazing. I highly recommend the Paris Walks’ Chocolate Tour. It should also be noted that the French love bureaucracy and will include as many steps in any process as they can, while opening at obscure hours and only having one staff member working, regardless of the number of customers. Nevertheless, overall, you cannot go wrong in choosing to live in Paris for your exchange, and I will treasure the time I have spent over here.

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