UQ Program: Bachelors of Commerce/Law

My last 5 months studying at Sciences Po in Paris have been amazing! When I first arrived in Paris I was excited but overwhelmed; I didn’t speak much French and I felt like I continually had to fight against French administration, where a seemingly simple task such as getting a student ID took weeks. However, now I am sad to leave, and I feel like Paris is my second home.

From daily trips to the local boulangerie, picnics under the Eiffel tower or vintage shopping in the Marais there is always something exciting to do in Paris! Being so centrally located, it is also a great base to travel from and see other parts of France and the rest of Europe.
The students at Sciences Po were really welcoming and I have made so many great friends in Paris, both French and international.  I would really encourage you to get involved in a sport and go to the parties organised by the student associations as it’s a great way to meet people and get involved in student life.

So far I may be giving the impression that I did no study in the semester, but I must say that Sciences Po has a high volume of assessment (I did 7 subjects!). However, it was a great opportunity to study International and French Law and do different types of assessment.

I would encourage students to not be put off going on exchange to a foreign language speaking country just because they don’t speak the language. I only started learning French to go on exchange, and although it was difficult at times, the experience has been really rewarding. I feel like I am a more confident person, and have a broader perspective of the world. I definitely recommend that students go on exchange to Sciences Po!

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