My second UQ Abroad experience with the University of British Columbia was absolutely unforgettable. After previously travelling to McGill University on the east coast of Canada, I found myself fortunate enough to collect incredible memories and amazing experiences in Vancouver.

During my time at UBC I mostly took economic courses, but found room to take three general electives. The general teaching quality and care of students at UBC is first rate, so have no concerns over the quality of courses you will be taking. You may have to get used to taking five subjects at UBC, which in reality can cause difficulty, depending on the courses you select. However fear not, as you only require a pass to gain credit back at UQ. When choosing your courses, make sure you choose them based on what you want to get out of them, rather than what will be easy. I made the mistake of taking a course, which was “easy” and turned out to be time consuming. Put simply choose a course that isn’t insanely difficult, but one you truly enjoy (e.g. Vancouver and its regions).

If you don’t already know, Vancouver has an outstanding reputation as one of the most livable cities on earth. No matter where you go in Vancouver (and British Columbia) this will become apparent. The types of activities on offer range from skiing and snowboarding up at Whistler Village, to enjoying the beautiful beaches of British Columbia in the summer. The reputation of Vancouver doesn’t just come from the setting and beautiful scenery, but rather the people and community. The people are incredible and will always help you, no matter how big or small the problem. The city is beautifully clean and takes huge pride in being one the greenest cities in the world. The transport system is the best transport system I have ever encountered and as a UBC student you will experience an amazingly cheap solution to using this incredible transport.

Five Top Tips!

  • Get involved on campus: Make sure you make the most of everything offered on campus, as the community and family feel at UBC is very welcoming.
  • When it rains, it pours: Be prepared for the wet weather. The rain will not dampen what you can do in Vancouver, but stay dry!
  • Food from around the world: Vancouver is a city with many different types of ethnicity. Try everything from Canadian maple syrup to incredible sushi.
  • Nicest people on earth: Please ask anyone living in Canada any questions you may have, as they will make it a priority to help you out at all costs!
  • Thursday’s at Backstage Lounge: Probably the best night out you’ll ever experience. Cheap beer, incredible live music and a breathtaking location.

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