UQ Program: Bachelor of Commerce/Economics

My UQ exchange to McGill University was without question, one of the best experiences I’ve ever been lucky enough to gain. You may ask that such a bold statement requires some extensive backing up and I’ll do my best to express the incredible time I had in Montreal, Canada.

McGill University
The five courses I chose to study at McGill University were three economic courses and two general electives in anthropology and planetary science. Overall I can safely say that UQ and McGill share similar characteristics in their teaching and lecture style to help all undergraduate students learn as best they can. The only difference I found was that our famous UQ system of posting lecture slides a few days before was not so apparent in most of my courses, which therefore means note taking can be a necessity. The five courses you’ll be required to take are definitely something I would recommend every student should think about choosing carefully. It was my experience that although the education at McGill is absolutely fantastic with incredibly world-renowned professors, you are also in an incredibly unique city that far surpasses any textbook or lecture, therefore do not take five courses that could limit you seeing Montreal!

The Breathtaking City of Montreal
As I arrived into Montreal, I moved into living on-campus at Molson Hall located at the foot of the famous Mount Royal. Not only is the city blessed with fantastic natural wonder and of course a vast French cosmopolitan culture, but also the people you meet are by far some of the friendliest people you could wish to form friendships with. Every single person you meet from places around Canada such as British Columbia, Ontario and of course Quebec are always incredibly understanding, relaxed and of course extremely welcoming to any students on exchange or visiting. It’s no surprise that the city reflected a similar characteristic and always shone with natural wonder in the bright, glistening snow. Montreal is fully equipped to deal with the cold and ice, which takes any hassles from those who normally wouldn’t like the cold, to simply enjoy the wonder it otherwise brings to the city. That being said, make sure you purchase a good winter coat, because you won’t want numerous layers of clothes when you’re about to board the Metro.
Finally, an amazing and impressive culture combining ice hockey, maple syrup, and French art and cuisine are just a very few, of many things, you will absolutely love in Montreal. Plus one of the coolest things I nearly forgot to mention is that you’ll probably come home speaking at the very least, a little French. But of course, don’t be alarmed if you cannot speak even the smallest amount of the language, as someone like myself never thought it possible, yet unconsciously I arrived in Brisbane answering in French phrases.

Five Top Tips!
1) Montreal can be a very cold city, therefore make sure you purchase winter wear (coats, boots and gloves)!
2) Choose your five subjects carefully as you don’t want to miss out on the beauty Montreal offers.
3) Taste the fabulous foods, see the amazing art and listen to the TamTams!
4) If in doubt, ask! Canadians could not be better for offering help and advice, so ask!
5) Visit St Laurent for its fabulous nightlife, filled with memories you’ll cherish forever.


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