Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science

 Deciding to study abroad at UCD was without a doubt the best decision I have ever made! Despite having difficulties with my subjects being approved, both at UQ and upon arrival at my university, the arduous application process and the daunting prospect of moving out of home to a new hemisphere, it is an experience I would urge any student to undertake!

As a Biomedical Science student at UQ, I was initially intimidated by the six subject study load. I studied three science modules (with no practicals): two third year physiology modules and a second year biotechnology module; and mixed it up with three Irish history and cultural subjects (one of which was composed solely of two archaeological field trips around Ireland). This allowed me to fully get involved with Irish culture, and gave me less than a third of my usual contact hours at UQ, allowing me to have a fantastic social life and still gaining second and third year science credits. However, I found Science subjects were difficult to get approved so would suggest emailing or calling the UCD international office (Editor’s note: only after you have been officially accepted into UCD) to ensure exchange students can do your requested subjects to save some trouble!

I lived on campus in Merville Residence with one other exchange student and two Irish students in my apartment. I would recommend living on campus as it saves a lot of time and hassle getting to uni, and is a fantastic way to meet both international and Irish students! My apartment was one of the most central and had been renovated the previous semester so facilities were fantastic and well worth the money!

I met the most amazing people on my exchange, from all over the world, that truly made the experience what it was. I met heaps of international students by joining student organisations ESN and ISS, who organise great events such as pub crawls and weekend trips! I also joined the caving team which organised weekend trips with a fantastic group of people, to beautiful places in Ireland with everything included (except alcohol) for less than $60! Always great craic! Making the most of travelling around Ireland and Europe is one of my main recommendations!  The friends you meet will make your exchange, with two of my Irish friends inviting me back to their Irish homes and towns to explore and have a big home-cooked, family meal! I went on great trips with international friends I met at UCD and by using Ryanair I travelled to Norway, Belgium and the UK throughout my semester, for return trips less than $50!!

Dubiln is an expensive city, but is cheap when you act like a local! The people are so friendly and hilarious, with more pubs, nightclubs and late night food shops than you can try in 4 months, but you will have a fantastic time trying to visit them all! There is never a night with nothing exciting happening on campus or in town, so your only real difficulty will be ensuring you leave time to study!!


·         Travel around Ireland with ESN and ISS and different clubs, and around Europe using Ryan Air! By looking out for Ryan Air sales you can get ridiculously cheap flights to awesome (and surprising) destinations!

·         Join different student networks and pubs and clubs on Facebook to get cheap entry and find out when their students nights are to save money!

·         Take Irish subjects to mix up your study load, make friends and understand all Ireland has to offer. Subject suggestions: Ireland Uncovered, Discovering Ireland.





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