I was in 3rd year of the BA program when I went on the exchange to KUFS (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies).

As an exchange student, during the first semester, I have to study the compulsory Japanese program that they offered to the exchange student, plus some electives. Then, during second semester, because my Japanese level was high enough, I get to choose all the classes, from both the main school classes and exchange student only classes.

The classes that I enjoyed the most are probably the tea ceremony class, intercultural communication and Project Base class (you get to eat Japanese sweet, and you learn how to wear Yukata.

During the exchange, I met other exchange students from all over the world. I also joined an a cappella club in Ritsumeikan University, so I make friends not only from KUFS, but also in Ritsumeikan. Even though I lived in a dorm, the rules weren’t so strict, so sometimes we bring our friends, and have a dinner there.

I didn’t really care about the expenses during the exchange, because I had a part-time job as well. However, generally speaking, excluding rent, 60000yen (including insurance and phone bill) should be more than enough.

I also traveled within Kansai area a lot during the exchange, and my best advice are, buy the day pass ticket and do some homework before hand (what’s the best way to travel around the place).

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