Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce

I took 5 courses whilst on exchange, monetary economics, corporate finance, introduction to marketing, money and banking, and managerial economics. The courses I took were spread across two different faculties which was different to UQ. Two of my courses (monetary economics and money and banking), were taught by the same professor who had made most of his models up, which was very interesting as I got an insight into how he believed money works in the economy. He didn't provide any lecture notes and there were no lecture recordings which was a challenge as you had to be attentive, fast and alert and write down the key points he was trying to make. My other three courses were taught by professors who were passionate in their fields which inspired me to learn more from them. Although they provided lecture notes, there were no tutorials/ practice questions, which is also different from UQ's academic system.

I think the exchange has made me believe in myself more, that I can be resilient and independent and adapt to a different environment, place and people. It taught me to be patient with myself, and took me out of my comfort zone by having to create new routines and experiment with new ways of living. It helped me budget my finances and spending, which is important for the future when wanting to buy a house, for example. The exchange has made me more social, by meeting and creating new international ties and having to interact with new people.

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I lived off campus with my cousin. The pros of living with my cousin was that she already went to the same uni, and lived in Vancouver so she showed me around the city. The con was she lived 1.5 hrs away from campus, so the commute everyday was tiresome, and not to mention the bus was always busy so most of the time I had to stand for the 40 minute bus ride.

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I didn’t have to pay for rent, food was relatively cheap about $100 per week (for me), transport was covered under the university's "u-pass" which was $150 for unlimited use of the transit system, which is SUPER cheap. I would budget around $7000-$8000, but that depends on how often you want to go out on the weekends, dinner, how much shopping you want to do, and where you want to travel; e.g. whistler. If you want to do all those things above I would say $10,000 just to be safe.

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Exchange has enhanced my employability by showing potential future employers that I can step out of my comfort zone and am willing to travel across the world. It also shows I am resilient and can adapt to new, unfamiliar places and people and shows I'm not afraid of change. Exchange has enhanced my academics by giving me insight into a different academic system and also learning/extending my knowledge of what I have already learnt at UQ.
A single highlight of my experience? Joining a sorority.

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Go out and do something every day and night. Don't waste any time.
Give everything a go, be open-minded.
Be a social butterfly, try and get to know as many people as you can, these international ties will come in handy one day.
Eat everything. You can diet when you come back
Pack lightly, depending on where you go, chances are you can buy it abroad.

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