UQ Program: Bachelor of Arts/Laws

The view from Mount Royal In the second year of my dual Law/Arts degree I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend two semesters studying at McGill University and I couldn’t have hoped for a more enjoyable year. I arrived not knowing quite what to expect from this bilingual city only to be pleasantly surprised that language was never a barrier. Montreal is a great city to explore and with so many quirky cafes, clubs, bars and neighbourhoods I was never without something to do. The changing seasons were a welcome change from Brisbane; needless to say the winter season was freezing and unlike anything I had ever experienced,The Open Air Pub (O.A.P.) on McGill campus making warm boots and a good jacket a necessity.

The great location of Montreal gave me the opportunity to take weekend trips to places such as Quebec City, Toronto, New York and the ski fields. I was even lucky enough to take a road trip to Yale to watch the famous Harvard v Yale football game and fly to Cuba for spring break.

In terms of academics McGill students work hard and can regularly be found holed up in the library till the early hours of the morning. The main difference between academics was the amount of readings required at McGill. This being said the students certainly know how to party – I was treated to the delights of Frosh week, Carnival, beer pong and flip cup and the great nightlife of St Laurent. McGill also has a large international exchange network making it easy to meet people.

Spring time in Montreal – everybody heads to the parkIt’s hard to put into words the amazing experiences exchange has to offer. I made some of my closest friends overseas and gained a much wider perspective of what the world has to offer outside of Brisbane. McGill is a fantastic university with a well renowned reputation in a vibrant, exciting city and I would certainly encourage anyone to participate in an exchange to McGill University.

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