Bachelor of Mechanical/Materials Engineering
Bachelor of Mechanical/Materials Engineering

Academic experiences

While on exchange, I got to pick some materials engineering electives that U of T are noted for.
These were my most interesting subjects and were taught by leading industry professionals and researchers in the field.
I really enjoyed the academic system at U of T.
The assessment style was quite similar to UQ which made it easy to adjust and the class sizes were very small which I found really beneficial.
It made the class more like a tutorial, and asking questions was encouraged!
I found that this promoted interactive learning and I actually enjoyed the classes a lot.


Personal experiences

It's hard to express in words how much I loved my exchange and Canada in general!
I made so amazing friends both from Canada and all around the world, and loved the friendly Canadian culture.
Having lived all my life in Brisbane it was so refreshing and inspiring to move out of my comfort zone and live in a new city.
Toronto is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world and so often the 'local' students were international students themselves!
I found it really motivating to see how worldly most of the students were, and I was so glad I got to have an experience like that myself.
During my time abroad I fit in a lot of travel.
Before exchange, I did a camping trip through Vancouver and the Rocky Mountains on the west coast of Canada, which was such a great way to start off my Canadian experience.
I also fit in Montreal just before semester began.
Throughout semester I did quite a few weekends away to Niagara Falls, New York, Chicago, Madison, Parry Sound and Ottawa.
After exchange I did a road trip from Chicago to New Orleans in the USA; visiting Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri.
I also spent my last few weeks in Canada skiing at Big White.



I lived in the only student dormitory available for 1 semester exchange students - Chestnut Residence.
Although the cost of Chestnut was more than the other dormitories, I loved it so much.
It became 'home' very quickly and most of my friends I met in my dorm or through people they knew.
Chestnut is a fully catered dorm - meaning all meals are provided.
I loved that meal times were very social, and an effortless way to catch up with friends.



As I mentioned before, my biggest expenditure was my dormitory which cost approximately CAD500/week.
However, this was situated right in downtown Toronto (in which the rent prices are high) and included all meals.
On top of this I budgeted about CAD100 for local activities and entertainment, which was more than enough and I felt like I didn't have to limit myself with this money.
I also had some extra savings for my travel before and after exchange.

Academic development and employability

Participating in exchange has made me more aware of breaking research in the engineering field, and has increased my passion for what I study.
I feel that I can now adapt easily to new environments, which is an important quality in the workforce.



Between seeing amazing scenery, cliff-jumping, having countless memories with friends and seeing the deep south of the USA it's hard to pinpoint a single highlight of my exchange, as every experience was so memorable.
If I had to name a light-hearted one I would probably say having an outdoor picnic on Toronto Island in -9 degrees with my friend.
After layering up in countless numbers of clothes and wrapping ourselves in blankets, it was so beautiful to watch the Toronto skyline and sunset from the island, and enjoy hot chocolate while we did it (most of the images you see of Toronto are taken from here)!!
I would also say that my camping trip through the Rocky Mountains was another amazing highlight!

Top tips

My top 3 pieces advice for other students participating in exchange would be:
1. Live in student accommodation
2. Get involved with campus life - join some clubs or a sport team
3. Say yes to every opportunity and experience thrown at you!

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