The eligibility criteria against which applications for exchange will be assessed are provided below.

You need to meet the following eligibility requirements by the end of the semester in which you apply to UQ Abroad (see application deadlines).

Coursework Master’s students must:

  • Be currently enrolled and taking classes in a UQ degree program;
  • Have completed, or be about to complete, at least one semester of study and at least 6 units in your current UQ program;
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 4.5 as shown on your UQ studies report;
  • Have a term GPA of at least 4.5 in the semester of application.
  • Gain school and faculty approval in the form of a study plan to obtain full credit transfer from your exchange studies towards your UQ degree.*
  • Have sufficient time left in your degree to study a standard full-time load (8 units) while on exchange. Students may take the equivalent of 6 units while on exchange if approved by the Manager, UQ Abroad, or if going on exchange in their last semester of their degree with only 6 units left to complete. Please note: Going on exchange in your final semester will delay your graduation.
  • Agree to the program Terms and Conditions

Please note: Not all partner universities will accept coursework Master’s students. Master’s students considering going on exchange must discuss this option with a UQ Abroad Advisor.

*There may be additional eligibility requirements specific to degree programs that may limit access to the student exchange program: students are responsible for confirming whether this is the case with their Faculty or School.

MBA eligibility variations:

  • Students in the MBA program are not required to be enrolled in the semester of application (to UQ Abroad).
  • MBA students are required to have completed or about to complete a minimum of 4 units  at the end of the semester of application.

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