As a psych major, I took PSYC352 a cognitive laboratory class. Although cognitive psychology is not a keen interest of mine, I found the class to be one of the best classes of my undergraduate degree. Only three other students took the class with me (which was excellent for making friends), and we had to create and run, a unique experiment from beginning to end. I found this class gave me lots of valuable experience about what is entailed in a research psychologist’s job.

I also took two introductory French courses. As someone who had never really learnt French before (except for the odd class in primary school), I found these classes definitely helped me to understand the (previously incomprehensible) world around me. Places are limited, so I suggest that you get onto this as soon as possible. In truth, everything at McGill is in English and nearly all service-based businesses require their employees to be bilingual, so having limited knowledge of French is not a huge problem (although the locals really appreciate if you give it a go!)

Regardless of which semester you will be going on exchange, I strongly urge being in Montreal for some of the summer! Main streets downtown close for parades, a new festival pops up every week (many of them free), and people are out in force for a shopping/drinking/eating extravaganza. There are so many good restaurants, but I recommend Le Comptoir Charcuteries et Vins, Le Cartet, and L’Avenue.

It was really easy to make friends through events held by MISN (McGill International Student Network), so I would also recommend joining this group on Facebook. All exchange students want to make the most of their time, so they are all keen to go travel/sightsee. Scholarship money definitely helped with expenses, but the amount you spend is (obviously) completely dependent on what exactly you want to do. Montreal is a bit of a student city, so you can definitely do it on the cheap. Instead, I decided to visit Cuba during the mid-semester break (they have really good deals there, so make sure to check this out), and I also went to New York and Quebec City (definitely all worth it!). If you want to travel cheaply, make sure to visit, a website that promotes cheap flights out of Montreal.

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