UQ Abroad. Hands down one of the best decisions I have ever decided to do for my academic and personal life. Having the opportunity to study on exchange at the University of Western Ontario, Canada (UWO) was one of the most life changing eye-opening experiences both educationally and personally. I am currently in my 5th year, completing a dual degree in Law and Commerce (majoring in Finance), but solely focused on the Law component of my dual degree, selecting electives at UWO with a business edge.

I undertook 4 courses in the Law department and found the teaching methods to be quite different to those at UQ. Law being a post-graduate degree at UWO, the number of students enrolled at the law school was quite smaller resulting in a more close-knit and friendly vibe, with everyone knowing everyone, and lectures and tutorials all rolled into the one session time, with the class size being comparable smaller than that of a usual law lecture at UQ. The 1 semester was dividend into 2 terms, winter and spring, with winter comprising of one subject and spring consisting of three subjects. The work load for the winter term was quite fast paced with it only being a 4 week intense program, while the spring term was consistently the same as what you would be use to at UQ. However, due to Law being post-graduate degree, the marking can be quite tougher in respect of attaining high academic grades. The subjects opened my eyes to different methods of teaching, a Canadian approach to my subjects, and a global outlook on the law and how it integrates with the rest of the world. Overall, I found enrolling in subjects to be quite upfront and easy with great help provided and available!

While at UWO, there were many great experiences offered for students with always something to do! Ranging from Karaoke, Bingo, Dennings (weekly Wednesday nights out among the Law Society), student run clubs and societies, Intramural sports, Hockey games, Basketball games, sporting events and a price affordable theatre on campus for students! Enjoying my sports quite passionately, I joined the futsal, volleyball and basketball intramural teams straight away and was ecstatic to see the huge Recreational Gym was a 200 metre walk from my Residence, consisting of every thing you could imagine!!

London, the college town where UWO is located, is also very close to many travel destinations such as the Blue Mountains where I spent Easter skiing with a few other exchange students, Toronto where professional hockey and basketball games where held on a regular basis and also runs buses to other locations such as Montreal, Niagara Falls, Quebec City for the Winter Carnival, Detroit, Toronto, etc.

While at UWO I stayed on-campus at London Hall, which had a great location to the Law School, the Recreational Centre (gym) and for buses, and also found that most of the other exchange students also stayed in London Hall, or close by so I was able to easily meet up with many other exchange people from all over the world.

My 5 top tips:

  • To invest in one windbreaker jacket as it gets very cold in the winter time with the wind!
  • Joining a club/society or a sports team to get to know people as everyone is super friendly!
  • Go to the fortnightly Wednesday Dennings held by the law society! Great way to meet the rest of the law cohort and is a really fun night, with the location changing every time.
  • Make sure you go to any trips organized for ‘Reading Week’, which is the one week holiday inbetween Winter and Spring term. This year the third year students organized a Cuba trip, which was amazing and great for meeting everyone!
  • Make sure you make use of the snow and go skiing or tobogganing, either Boler Mountains 30 minutes away or Blue Mountains 2 hours away, or even just on campus!!

There are a lot of great places to eat on campus that aren’t too expensive, I would suggest going to Richmond road and just walking along as you will see many eatery places that are affordable but make sure you stop into Smokey’s Poutine where you will find the best Canadian Poutine you will ever eat!!!

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