Academic Experiences

The classes offered by DTU allowed me to develop my knowledge particularly in the field of Biological Engineering. There is a large pharmaceutical industry in Scandinavia and Northern Europe and studying at DTU gave me exposure and access to this industry. Studying is fairly different from UQ. The greatest differences are the small class sizes, contact with the professors and the timetabling (you have 5 hours of a course all at once).

Personal Experiences

The greatest things about going on exchange are the new friends that you make. I now have friends from all over the world. It is wonderful to experience different cultures and learn new things.


In general the cost of living in Denmark is similar to Australia. The major exception is public transport, which is quite expensive.


I stayed at Campus Village, a college like accommodation, housing international students. Ten students share a kitchen, laundry and bathroom facilities. Campus Village is on the DTU campus. Campus Village was a lot of fun to live in because of the exposure to other cultures you experiencing when living with so many other international students. The other major college on campus is called Kampsax College. It is similar to Campus Village except mostly Danish students live there. If you really want to meet Danish people I suggest staying at Kampsax.

Top Tips

  • Buy a bike. Everyone in Denmark rides everywhere and it makes it convenient to get to nearby locations. You can take you bike on all the public transport as well.
  • Consider getting a monthly public transport pass. During my stay in Denmark the public transport was expensive and the monthly pass is the cheapest way to travel to and from Copenhagen from DTU.
  • Plan where you want to go and what you want to see. The first Sunday of every month is a discounted travel day so it is the best time to go on long train journeys in Denmark.
  • Visit Copenhagen. It is a 30 minute trip to get to Copenhagen city from the campus however the city is amazing. The more time you spend there the more things you will find to do. The campus has a lot of bars and social activities so it is tempting to just stay there but make sure you get to the city.
  • Approach the Danes. In general the Danish people are quite private, they will not actively try to seek you out and become your friend. Just make an effort to talk to them and then you will find that they are quite friendly. It is a lot easier to be friends with all of the international students because they are in the same situation as you however the Danes are an interesting people and are worth getting to know.


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