UQ Program: Bachelor of Psychological Science
Exchange at NUS in Singapore was excellent - good food, nice people, new cultures and a new learning environment.  Looking back on the semester now I have to say the best thing I got out of exchange was the amazing friendships I made from all over the world. 
I was lucky enough to get accommodation on campus at Prince Georges Park Residence (PGP).  This is a massive student accommodation facility with almost 3000 rooms.  Both local students and international students stay at PGP and it’s incredibly easy to make new friends in this environment.  The food in Singapore was sensational, with many different dishes from Singapore and other countries around Asia and the prices were so cheap.  I found the sport facilities at NUS where excellent with many different sports clubs to join.  The large outdoor swimming pool is especially good on hot days. 
A big upside to doing exchange in Singapore is the low cost of student living and the cheap airfares between Singapore and Australia and between Singapore and many other countries in South East Asia.  As well as seeing Singapore I got to visit Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia during my time on exchange.  Flights to these countries and many other countries in Asia are very cheap from Singapore so be sure to take advantage of this if doing an exchange in Singapore!
All of my courses at NUS were interesting and of a similar standard to the courses at UQ.  I was very happy with the academic side of the exchange.  I would give one important piece of advice to students planning to go on exchange at NUS: make sure you have many different NUS courses approved by your faculty at UQ.  I had difficulty getting a place at NUS in the courses I needed to enrol in.  In the end I got enrolled in four courses for which UQ would give me credit so all was good, but the process was a bit of a hassle.  Many of the other exchange students I spoke with had the same experience as me when trying to enrol in courses, so be sure to have some back-up courses approved by UQ.
The exchange has been an excellent experience and one of the best decisions I’ve made.  I would encourage anybody to give it a go!  Thank you very much to UQ Abroad!!


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