Bachelor of Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering

Academic experiences

At TUM I studied a couple of Computational Fluid Dynamics courses, renewable energy systems, spacecraft technology and a language course. Obviously, the experience of adapting to a new culture's way of learning was very valuable and helped my ability for adaptation. I also enjoyed the smaller class sizes that I had overseas, due to the courses being taught in English less popular than the German ones.

It was great to interact with all the different people within the classes with only a few language challenges. The thing I had most difficulty with was choosing the subjects; these were hard to find and often didn't have much information shown. In this case it's always best to just ask, so I sent quite a few emails around the start of semester!

Personal experiences

The people are so interesting with such varied backgrounds; I have friends now from Spain, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Britain, etc. Within Germany I mainly stuck to Bavaria visiting some castles (Neuschwanstein the obvious highlight), some mountains to ski on and some small towns. I also travelled to Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Norway and loved them all for different reasons. Now I can understand some basic German and want to continue this until I'm conversational.

Personally I have gained self confidence through many out of my comfort zone experiences, and am very tolerant due to the different world views I've been first hand exposed to.


I lived in student housing at "Studentstadt" with about 2.5 thousand others, which is right on the U6 line direct to uni. I had a mini-apartment with kitchenette and bathroom-ette. The location of this was great and afforded many opportunities to meet other students. It was only 15 minutes on the train to both the city and the uni which was very handy. I would recommend taking this option if it is presented to you.

The other place many students stayed at was the old Olympic village, which had better facilities but depends on what courses you study.


Food was around 40 Euros per week. Transport was 153 Euro within Munich for the whole semester (with a semester ticket would HIGHLY recommend this). Travel with Flix bus or Blah Blah car less than 20 euros most places (one way).

Academic development and employability

Communication is a big one. Daily your communication skills are tested; you have to continually be revamping in your head the point you want to get across. Also time-management skills are required. Obviously you have to get uni work done, but in such a way that there is a lot of free time to explore. Hence it is important to not waste time and plan your activities to get the best experience possible.


I saw many amazing things while on exchange, and can't split the top 2 experiences. The first would have to be the trip to Norway to see the Northern Lights and go dog sledding. We were at the very top of the country and had some dark days, it gets even darker with the sun not coming over the horizon for a few months of the year. Alta, Norway was so beautiful; the true Winter Wonderland.

The other highlight was the thermal baths in Budapest. Outdoors in 37 degree water and -5 degree surrounds snowing down made for a magical misty experience.

Top tips


I cannot believe that only a few months ago I was across the other side of the world studying. When will you get the chance to travel like this with this level of freedom?? In the future there will be jobs, pets etc keeping you fairly weighed down, but right now you can go to another country for 6 months and broaden your horizons.

The benefits to yourself from studying abroad have been said a million times over and they are all true. This is the best way to spend your time and money now.

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