UQ Program: Bachelor of Economics/Arts

Studying in Mannheim was a totally different experience to studying at UQ.  It was interesting to see the different structure of the university here and the way that students adapt to that. Also the classes were usually quite small and the lecturers would cater specifically for the needs of international students.

Exchange is as amazing as you would expect. You get to meet fantastic people, go to fantastic places and learn so much about yourself. Going on exchange at Universität Mannheim was a great experience that I would do over again if I had the chance. It is a good opportunity to travel without pausing university. Germany is a fantastic place – the people were friendly and patient, my university was so helpful in assisting me whenever I needed it, and being so central allowed me to travel easily.

I was able to study in English in Mannheim, while being immersed in the German culture and language. I lived in student housing and met people from all over the world, and I am sure that most of these people will remember this as one of their favourite times of their lives. I made so many amazing friends and had such fantastic experiences. I would highly recommend going on exchange to anyone who is considering it.

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