The UQ Abroad team in the UQ Student Employability Centre is your dedicated point of contact for enquiries relating to Global Experiences.  

**Before you submit your enquiry, please make sure that you have WATCHED the UQ Abroad information sessions HERE or checked the FAQ page**


Are you an overseas student interested in studying at UQ?  Visit here for more information about studying at UQ. 

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 UQ Abroad Location and Postal Address

UQ Abroad Office,
Student Employability Centre, Room 201, Building 41
Ground Floor (opposite Worsmith's Cafe)
St Lucia Campus
(See below for advising schedule)
UQ Abroad Postal Details
UQ Abroad
Room 201, Ground Level 
Student Employability Centre (Building 41)
The University of Queensland
Brisbane Queensland 4072

UQ Abroad Consultation Schedule Semester 1, 2018


By email appointment only (Building 41)

10:30am - 2:30pm


Drop in consultations - Student Employability Centre (Building 41)

 10:30am - 2:30pm


Drop in consultations - Student Employability Centre (Building 41)

10:30am - 2:30pm


Drop in consultations - Student Employability Centre (Building 41)

10:30am - 2:30pm


By email appointment only (Building 41)

 10:30am - 2:30pm


UQ Abroad Contacts

If you would like to meet with your Exchange Advisor during exams or holidays please email to schedule an appointment. 

Dr Dino Willox - Director
Oversight and development of UQ’s outbound mobility and global education programs


Ms Jan McCreary
+61 7 3365 2852
Manager, UQ Abroad                                                            

Ms Caroline Thompson
+61 7 3365 2836
Team Leader, Student Exchange Advisor
(Europe and Latin America)

Ms Ettenyl Parinas
+61 7 3365 9075 
Project Officer - Short-term Mobility
(Short-term Programs)
Ms Niamh Reilly
+61 7 3346 1497
Student Exchange Advisor
(UK, Ireland, and Scandinavia)

Ms Clare Scoble
+61 7 3365 4978
Student Exchange Advisor
(USA, Canada, NZ and South Africa)

Ms Weiya Huang
+61 7 3365 3552
Student Exchange Advisor

Ms Zoee Toigo
+61 7 3346 0655 
UQ Student Employability Centre Scholarships & Grants Officer 
(Scholarships and OS-HELP)

Emergency Contacts

For any emergency contact after hours, please contact UQ Security  on +61 7 3365 3333  UQ Security will inform the relevant staff members of your emergency.

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School and Faculty Contacts

If you have any questions or concerns about faculty or school related issues (including course approvals, enrolment, credit transfer, graduation dates, enrolment in honours), please contact your faculty representative.

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