UQ Program: Bachelors of Arts/Law

Firstly I would just like to say that if you are reading this, then you are clearly very interested in going on exchange. Well heed my words- do it. It is the most rewarding, fun, adventure I have ever had. Don’t get hung up on money, relationships, missing family and friends- those things can and should wait. Just go, you will never get another chance like this.

I am a 4th year Arts/Law student however decided to use my law electives for my exchange to UCD. UCD is a great university and quite similar to UQ in many admin ways so I found the transition very easy. The lectures are a similar structure however they don’t really have tutorials, which just means you have more time to travel! A word to the wise- purchase a bike early on. People who waited because they thought they wouldn’t need it ended up getting one anyway. They have great bike paths everywhere and it’s a very good way to get around and see a lot of the city. It’s also very helpful for getting to uni if you happen to be off campus which I was. This leads me to my next tip- stay in the Blackrock campus. Sure it’s off campus but this allows you to actually feel like a local because you’re not surrounded by the university. It’s right near the beach and the train which gets you into the city much faster than the bus. You don’t get your own bathroom but this also means you don’t have to clean it either- same applies to the kitchen.

Staying at Blackrock means you don’t just share with 6 or 8 people (like you do in Merville or Roebuck) but 140 people. This means that you meet way more people and whenever you go out- there will be at least a group of 20. I can’t tell you how amazing and important it was for me to meet such different people from such different places. It gives you an insight into many cultures and it allows you to forge friendships that will be long term. When I travelled around after my exchange I was able to stay with friends in other countries and they could show me around which is so helpful. So don’t wait one more moment, don’t hesitate, just fill out the application form and get yourself ready to have the time of your life.

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