Application Form

While the host university application form will vary from university to university, you can usually expect to complete one of the following styles of application forms:

  • online application: you will need to upload your documentation on the website and complete everything online
  • partial online application: you will complete the majority of your application online, but some of your documentation may need to be submitted to UQ Abroad in hard copy to be sent to your host university
  • paper application: you will need to complete the application and submit all documentation and forms to UQ Abroad to be sent to your host university

When completing your application, please be sure to:

  1. read the application thoroughly and compile all required supporting documentation
  2. complete the application and ensure that you attach all requested supporting documentation.
  3. submit your completed Host University Application Form to your UQ Abroad Exchange Advisor by the date indicated on your acceptance letter. Keep copies of your application and all documents for future reference.

Supporting Documentation

Proof of Finances

Some host universities will ask you to provide proof of finances as part of their application process in order to issue documents required for your student visa.

Proof of finances may include any of the following:

  • completion of the host university’s financial form
  • an original bank statement in your name, dated within the last three months, showing a balance in the amount required. If you are not able to supply this (e.g. if you have online statements) you will need to ask your bank to provide a letter on official bank letterhead stating your name, date and funds available in the local currency, signed and stamped by the Bank.
  • if you are being sponsored (by your family or guardian), your sponsor must provide the original bank statement or letter as outlined above, and provide a letter outlining their sponsorship.
  • if your sponsor is a corporation or university, you will need to submit an original award letter from that sponsor stating the exact amount and term of their financial support.


You may be asked to undergo a general physical examination and/or provide proof of immunisations. If you are asked to submit your original documents please keep a copy of your medical summary for your own records.

UQ Transcript

You will need to send an original copy of your Official Academic Transcript (not the Study Report PDF on mySI-net) to your host university.

To order an Official Academic Transcript, please visit a UQ Student Centre or request a copy online. Your transcript can be picked up from a UQ Student Centre, delivered to your address, or sent directly to UQ Abroad.

Academic reference

Please ask a lecturer or tutor to provide you with an Academic reference. This should be provided on UQ letterhead and include comments on your academic studies, work ethics and attendance.  If your academic referee is unsure of what to include in this reference, please contact your UQ Abroad Advisor.

Personal statement

The host university will usually provide you with guidelines regarding what should be included in your personal statement. Your personal statement should be taken seriously as a chance to demonstrate your motivation to study at the institution.


You may need to provide a concise summary of your academic and professional experience. For tips about how to write a resume, visit the Student Services website.

Passport-sized photo

This is a commonly requested item on most host university applications. Please ensure that you provide a passport photo and not just an internet profile picture.

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