Program at UQ: Bachelor of Arts

My name is Wong Chuan Wei and I am currently doing a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in History and International Relations, in UQ. Currently in Sophia University, I am doing 4 courses per semester that includes, history of Korea, modern Japan, Communism, and western traditions. One of the biggest rewards that I got away by studying in UQ and Sophia was the amount of exposure I am put into. I get to hear different opinions and perspectives coming from people with a completely different culture and background as compared to myself. Thanks to this exchange, I get to mingle around with people from all sorts of different countries and this definitely has definitely widened my thoughts and perspectives not just in life, but also in my studies.

Japan to me is a country that I won’t mind going again for another exchange semester if I ever have a chance to. Ever since I am here, my Japanese improved tremendously and I have made some long lasting friendship. In a country where 90% of the people don’t speak English, I get to practice my Japanese skills everyday and everywhere I go. Additionally, I noticed that the Japanese are a very enthusiastic and polite people. Everyone here bows so much everyday and it seems that life here is also pretty much very stressful and fast paced as compared to Australia. Besides this, I got to visit many different places of interests in Japan such as the Tokyo tower, Osaka castle and the Kobe port city. If there is one thing that left a deep impact and impression in me during this trip to Tokyo, it would be the daily rush hour train ride that I have to endure during my journey to the university. Early in the morning, there will be tons and tons of people, mostly salary men, queuing up for an already packed train filled with people. Then, everyone will push as hard as they can in order to squeeze and fit into the already cramped train. Besides that, I pretty much have enjoyed Japan and would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to experience living in a fast paced non-English speaking country.

Having another one and a half month to go, I am feeling kind of sad that I have to leave Japan. When I first came to Japan about 2 and a half months ago, I was very lonely and upset due to a completely different environment and culture. Everywhere I go, people communicate in Japanese and there is never a word of English you can hear. However, after 2 months of living in Japan, I began to get used to and eventually come to enjoy and like the life here in Japan. With this, I have attached several photos of myself in Japan. These photos will be able to depict the experiences that I have experienced and would give future exchange students an insight of what life in Japan really is. With this, I hope that I have provided a satisfactory evaluation of my trip to Japan and the experiences that I have gained. Once again, I would recommend Japan to anyone that wants to challenge themselves in terms of living in a non-English speaking, fast paced, and indeed an interesting country.

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