Deciding to go on exchange to McGill University was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

It was a complete leap into the unknown. I quickly learnt that Montreal is an international student friendly city and I slid right into living like a local. I went on exchange during my 3rd year of studying Arts/Social Science (International Relations/Development) and went during McGill’s fall semester. McGill itself is amazing! The location couldn’t be better. It’s right in Downtown Montreal and backs onto Mont Royal. I took 5 courses while at McGill and was at uni everyday… a little different to the 2/3 days I was used to at UQ! I loved every moment though. The workload I found to be a little harder but definitely manageable. McGill kids love study groups so that definitely helped!

While in Montreal I rented an apartment just west of the Downtown campus. Rent is pretty cheap and there are always places available. Check out McGill Classifieds, Craigslist and Kijiji for listings. While on exchange I had the opportunity to visit Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Boston and New York. If you’re keen to do some traveling, keep an eye out for MISN and Interstude who organize great (and cheap!) trips throughout the semester which are a great way to travel and make fun new friends!

Montreal is like no other city - incomparable to any other place that I have set foot in. The different neighbourhoods which make up this eclectic city all bring something unique to the table. Montreal blends the French, the English, the old, the new, the wild and the classy into one city, welcoming people from all walks of life and from all over the world. With one foot planted deeply in modern North American culture and the other proudly in the remnants of its French past, Montreal is a city which cannot be downed in one shot. It needs to be savoured, enjoyed and accepted for what it is – an indefinable city! Montreal will hold a special place in my heart forever - It's my home away from home! I've had such an incredible time unwrapping the different layers of this city and getting to know the people at its core. Go to McGill and let Montreal cast its magic upon you!

Top 5 Tips:

  • Have an afternoon picnic atop Mont Royal. Stay and watch the sunset and the city transform under the moonlight. It’s beautiful!
  • If you’re looking for pretty little study spots at McGill check out the Birks Reading Room (where being barefoot is the go) and the Islamic Studies Library. So beautiful you won’t want to leave!
  • Food! Check out Lola Rosa along Milton for the most delicious vegetarian food. Also hit up L’Avenue near the Mont Royal metro station for some exciting breakfast choices. For cool cafes try Café Neve, Pikolo, Café Java U and any of the little ones nestled in the Plateau.
  • Go to Eva B along Boulevard Saint Laurent! Eva B is one of the craziest op-shops you will ever come across. In one corner of the store there is a giant pile (more like mountain) of clothes which you can tackle like Mount Everest. Everything in the pile is $1! And if you have clothes that you want to offload before you leave, Eva B will buy them off you!
  • Walk around as much as you can! Montreal has so much to offer, with something new and exciting around every turn. Spend time exploring the different neighbourhoods and learn that Montreal is an eclectic city with so much waiting to be discovered!

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