Program at UQ: Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Business Management

Beyond the excellent academic base and outstanding extracurricular opportunities, an exchange in Canada created one of the most rewarding memories of my time at university. When the opportunity to live and study overseas presented itself, whilst studying Commerce and Business Management degree programs at UQ, I pursued it.

Queen’s University is consistently ranked among Canada’s best universities and Queen’s School of Business has an international recognition as an outstanding faculty with innovative approaches to business education. Furthermore, Queen’s Commerce is Canada’s most prestigious undergraduate business program. That said, the small class sizes and accommodating professors make the transition all the more welcoming. Through an exchange, students gain a broader perspective on educational methods. A higher level of participation is encouraged in most faculties and I appreciated the contrasting learning environments on offer.

As far as the social aspect, an exchange creates close friendships and a network that literally spans the globe. Although gaining an enlightened sense of independence, via the exchange at Queen’s, I felt an incredible sense of community and comradery between students. From an early start in “Frosh” Week the strong university spirit and traditions were empowering, and I recommend being involved in as many events on offer in the initial weeks so as to meet and bond with as many fellow students as possible. This will lead to a great support network over the entire time at the host university!

One of the experiences that I found particularly exciting was the depth of support from the North American universities towards the university football scene. It is their most prominent interuniversity sport, and I went to my first Canadian football game in Frosh week where the atmosphere was explosive. Universities go to great efforts to cheer their sporting stars and there is a great deal of professionalism in the league. I was also lucky enough to witness my university make its way to the finals in the Vanier Cup where Queen’s won, making our university the football champions across all universities in Canada.

In deciding on a university if travel is of interest to you, being positioned in a travel-friendly location is essential. Located on the popular East coast, Queen’s is close to well visited places including Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa and Niagara Falls, with the addition of close vicinity to the United States border if you intend to travel south. I was certainly able to take advantage of this facet to have great weekend trips with fellow students who had the same aims in mind.

I have invaluable memories to reflect on and I encourage anyone considering an exchange abroad to Canada to take the leap and get ready for a worthwhile experience!


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