It is possible to do back-to-back exchanges through UQ Abroad, but there are some things that you need to consider before deciding to go down that path:

  • Student Visas - will you need to return to Australia to apply for the student visa for your second exchange destination? If the two exchanges are in the same country, is it possible/what are the requirements for extending your student visa?
  • Funding - exchange students will not be considered for UQ Abroad scholarships for a second exchange if it is back-to-back with the first exchange. See here for more detail under "Student exchange scholarships - eligibility".
  • Communication - your second exchange will be organised and finalised while you are participating in your first exchange, so you will need to ensure that you are constantly in email contact with UQ Abroad for information/updates/advice/requests. If your first exchange destination has limited internet coverage/access, then this task may be very difficult.
  • Packing up and re-settling in a second location - many of our students who complete back-to-back exchanges in different locations tell us how much they wish they had just chosen a university where they could go for a full year as packing up after 6 months and re-establishing themselves in a new location was difficult.
  • Second-time exchange student - your application to the second host university will be considered as a "second-time" exchange application which means that your application will be considered after all of those students who have never been on exchange before. You may not secure a place at your first, second or third preference host university as a second-time exchange student. See here for more detail under "UQ Abroad eligibility criteria - special considerations".

So in conclusion, it is possible to complete back-to-back exchanges through UQ Abroad, however we would strongly advise you to consider applying for exchange to a university that can accept you for a full year, if you wish to study overseas on exchange for a full year.


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