I went on exchange on my second year of my bachelor of Social Science. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to take courses that are not offered at UQ, so a recommendation would be to save up your elective courses for your exchange. I was able to take courses on Latin American culture, politics, anthropology that was a great way to broaden my knowledge on the topic. However, I strongly recommend to always be on top of your uni work. McGill University is an excellent university and for such the reading and working load is big, bigger than the one at UQ, so don’t think that because you are on exchange you can afford to lay back on your studies.

One of the best things I did once I arrived was joining the International Student Association. They organize a lot of trips and it’s a great way to meet knew people, we went to Toronto and the Niagara Falls, as well as NY and Boston. Also, if you are interested in outdoor activities, join the club as well, Canada has AMAZING landscapes and national forests to discover!

During the summer you should definitely go to Mont Royal on a Sunday to see ‘Tam Tam’s’. Basically, people just meet up every sunny Sunday and play the drums for hours. People bring food and do picnics or just hang out. Also, every Sunday of the summer there is also Piknik Electronik which is kind of a small electronic music festival, people also bring food for picnic and party during the day!

Moreover, I would also recommend living at the Plateau. It is such a beautiful suburb, full of vintage shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, and it all has a unique “French” vibe that is difficult to describe in words. You should definitely go for brunch at L’Avenue. Finally, you should check out what bands are playing in Montreal during your stay, and most importantly look for live music at small bars and pubs, they are the best!! It is something you don’t get to experience often in Australia and it’s an everyday activity in Montreal!

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