UQ Program: Bachelor of Psychological Science

My exchange at McGill University was, in one word, amazing. Experiencing life overseas is something I’ve always wanted to do, and UQ Abroad gave me the opportunity to do so. As soon as I saw the flyer for UQ Abroad I began eagerly looking up where to go. After deciding on McGill University in Montréal, I submitted my application and prepared myself for the big move. Once I arrived, I lived with two other UQ students and a student from South Korea. From the very beginning, a group of UQ students formed a quick bond which provided us with a nice little core circle of friends. As a group, we quickly formed friendships with other Canadians and exchange students who we had amazing times with throughout the entire semester.

On the academic side of things, McGill provided challenging courses and motivating professors. I found the coursework comparable in difficulty to UQ on the whole, but the contact hours were definitely longer and I found the week-to-week readings and extra learning asked a lot more than UQ. However, when it came to assignments I felt that McGill’s expected standard was much less than UQ.

Overall, I cannot say more about my time overseas. It was life changing and I would recommend an exchange program and McGill University for anyone. I now see Montréal as home, I made friendships that will last a lifetime with people from all over the world, I definitely grew up a lot and I even fell in love! Going on exchange is something I think everyone should experience!

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