UQ Program: Bachelors of Economics/Laws

Prague is the ideal place for exchange – it really has everything going for it. It is so different from Australia – the culture and history is so rich, the climate is not like anything we’re used to, it is cheap compared to most European countries (a beer costs about $2) and not to mention one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

I studied law here and really got a lot out of it. The law school is located on the river in the Jewish quarter, right in the centre of Prague. It’s worth coming just for the walk to uni every day – along the river, with views of Prague castle, walking past beautiful old building after beautiful old building. The law program is only for international students, so everything is in English and the courses are specifically designed for exchange students. I found it fascinating learning about such a different legal system where the effects of the Second World War followed by 40 years of communism are still evident.

Another great thing about Prague is its location right in the centre of Europe. It is really easy and cheap to travel within the Czech Republic and to other countries. It also means that people from a wide range of countries come here to study. This has been one of my favourite things about exchange – meeting people from literally all around the world, particularly obscure Eastern European countries that we Australians know very little about.



5 tips
• Read up on Central/Eastern European history before you leave – you’ll get so much more out of the experience
• Get used to drinking beer – its very cheap and they drink a lot of it!
• Stay in a dorm – at first the facilities and communal living may be daunting but once you get used to it you meet so many people and make great friendships
• Pack practically– go for warmth and bring shoes with good grip for when the paths get icy
• Make an effort to learn some basic Czech phrases, as it makes a difference with the how the locals treat you

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