Dual Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)/ Arts (Extended Art History Major), 3rd Year
Dual Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)/ Arts (Extended Art History Major), 3rd Year

Academic experiences

  • UvA Course: 20142015. Photography in Modern and Contemporary Art (6 ECTs)/ UQ Equivalent MSTU2140: Studies in Photography (2 units)
  • UvA Course: 20142015.Capita Selecta Western Art : from Salvador Dali till the present (12 ECTs)/ UQ Equivalent: ARTT2115: Art, Science, and New Technologies (2 units) & ARCH2110: Themes in the history of Western Architecture (2 units)
  • UvA Course:20142015.Like, Share, Tweet: Social Media and Web Economies (6 ECTS)/ UQ Equivalent COMU2233: Mass Media and Society (2 units)

I thoroughly enjoyed studying both 'Photography in Modern and Contemporary Art' and 'Capita Selecta Western Art: from Salvador Dali till the present' during my exchange.
They were both very engaging subjects and the workload was very manageable.
However, although the workload was equally as manageable in the third subject 'Like, Share Tweet: Social Media and Web Economies' I didn't find it to be as engaging.
In general I found that academic requirements and assessment pieces to be very similar to UQ, I don't think anyone going on exchange to UvA would encounter too many issues.
Overall, I enjoyed my academic experience at the University of Amsterdam and would highly recommend.

Kings Day 2015

Personal experiences

I experienced so much during my 7 months abroad.
Traveling outside the Netherlands, going to: Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Milan, Venice, Verona, Florence, Rome, London, Gent, Antwerp, Bruges, Morocco, and Paris.
I also travelled to a considerable amount within the Netherlands during my time abroad, going to: The Hague, Den Bosch, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Zandvoort, and Haarlem.
Despite the cost, I highly recommend traveling as much as possible during your exchange as these trips were so of the highlights of my time abroad.

Dressed in orange on kings day


Finding your own housing vaguely within central Amsterdam is quite difficult; UvA helps arrange this by connecting students with housing agencies but centrality is neither guaranteed nor common.
I was connect with the agency DeKey through UvA; I was not satisfied with the amount of information they were able to give on the property and I didn't feel comfortable going ahead with them.
I instead found accommodation independently, I ended up at 'The Student Hotel' and would recommend this to fellow exchange students due to its convenience.

Amsterdam cityscape


Amsterdam is not a cheap place to live, but neither is St. Lucia.

  • Residency Permit: €325
  • Rent: €750 p/m (€900 deposit)
  • Food & Entertainment: €120 p/w
  • Books: €50

Transport: In Amsterdam bike riding is the main form of transport. My bike came with my accommodation. Bikes are quite cheap at around €40-100 and €50 for a lock, however bikes are quite frequently stolen in Amsterdam so I would set aside funds for more than one bike.
I also had a GVB transport card for rainy days, they generally cost around the same as a full price go-card.
Getting a student transport card is not possible unless you are a Dutch citizen.

Travel: I don't have an estimate on how much I spent on Travel, however I can say that was quite costly.
This due to how extensively I travelled during my 7 months abroad.

Snow covered bikes

Academic development and employability

My exchange has been definitely improved my time-management skills.

I believe this exchange has helped my employability especially within my Bachelor of Arts, in which I'm majoring in Art history, through spending time in Europe I had plethora of opportunities to visit countless museums and come face-to-face with art works that I have been studying for years.
This has both inspired and improved my Art History knowledge.

University of Amsterdam Campus


If I had to choose one experience of my exchange as a highlight, it would be the absolute orange fuelled chaos that was King's day.
Everyone in the city comes out onto the streets; the roads are closed, boats fill the canals, and there's a party on every almost every street corner.
It is a fun-filled and uniquely Dutch event.
The only thing I can compare it to would be Australia Day, but drinking on the street is legal and everyone is dressed in head-to-toe orange, mixed with the lively chaos of Carnival.

Top tips

Travel as much a possible!
Coming from Australia it's crazy to have so many countries so close to you.
I drove through four countries in six hours once!
You'll never have as much time and be surrounded by as many students wanting to travel with you as you'll be exposed to during study abroad.

Overall going on exchange to Amsterdam was an absolutely amazing experience and I would highly recommend it!

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