Bachelor of Business Management & Economics
Bachelor of Business Management & Economics

Exchange was the best thing I have ever done. I chose to go on exchange at UCD to kick-off my 4th year of Business Management & Economics. UCD has its own Quinn School of Business building and all of my classes, except for one lecture, were in there…so it was very easy to go between classes. I did four business management courses and two finance courses. I would highly recommend choosing courses that offer a mix of assessment; assignment versus examinations. UCD requires you complete 6 courses and you do not want to be stressing about 6 heavily weighted exams towards the end of exchange…especially when you are thinking about packing up your room and getting ready to leave. I would also recommend trying to get a timetable that gives you a long weekend - then you have plenty of opportunity to travel on weekends!

One thing that really stood out was the international diversity of students studying business at UCD. All of my business courses had group assessment and it was rare I would be placed with Irish students. Sometimes it was challenging working with international students (language barriers, differing expectations etc.) but it made my exchange much more rewarding. The classes were also much smaller – one of my lecturers even remembered all of our names – so discussions and feedback were much more in-depth.

I lived on-campus in Merville Residences. The accommodation facilities there were fantastic and there was even a convenience store there…try the chicken baguettes! I had friends living in Belgrove and Glenomena which were also great. Living on-campus makes it easy to get to class (5-10 minute walk), easy to get to group meetings and easy to socialise. Public transport can be expensive and if you are looking to get groceries I would recommend TESCO delivery (€5 - €10 delivery fee) so you do not have to carry lots of heavy bags to the bus…if you share the delivery with a few others it works out cheaper than public transport and they come straight to your door.

The Surf Club (yes, the water was cold!) and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) provided great opportunities to travel around Ireland. The Surf Club was a great chance to meet Irish students while ESN was more international students. They both organized fantastic weekend trips away and huge social events!

Top 5 Tips:

  1. Join sports clubs and societies – ESN, Surf Club, Snow Sports…just to name a few.
  2. Travel around Ireland and Europe – Ryan Air is relatively cheap for flights and if you are only going away for a long weekend you only need carry-on luggage (check-in luggage can be expensive). Try a Paddywagon tour with a few friends as well!
  3. Go and see some live music or stand-up comedy – Comedy Crunch on Sundays & Mondays at the Stag’s Head highly recommended
  4. TESCO delivery for groceries!
  5. Check-out charity shops around Dublin – I managed to pick up jackets from Zara and Topshop for cheap! Then you can donate them back at the end of semester. 

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