My exchange semester in Kyoto is something I certainly won’t forget, and has been an invaluable 6 months. The greatest and most memorable experience exchange study has given me is having met so many people from so many different parts of the world. I now have good friends in Japan, Mongolia, China, South Korea, Peru, Nicaragua, Canada, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Netherlands.

Studying in Japan was not only beneficial for my language studies, but also gave me a practical and unique insight into Japanese culture and customs. As a student of international relations it has been interesting observing and trying to understand what makes Japan the way it is and its position in the world.

For culture and history enthusiasts, adventure junkies to big city lovers, Japan is the place for you. Throughout my semester I visited many famous temples and shrines (most of which reside in Kyoto itself), famous castles, as well as various UNESCO world heritage listed areas. The big city was never far away, with cities like Osaka and Tokyo within reach by Japan’s amazing public transport system. For the adventure junkies, you can’t leave Japan without tackling Mount Fuji, standing at 3776 metres high it is Japan’s highest mountain and certainly something to write home about once conquered (but be well prepared as it is merciless!).

Overall my exchange semester was amazing, I did a whole heap of things I had never had the opportunity to do, and am incredibly grateful that I’ve had the experience.

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