UQ Program: Bachelor of Arts

I spent the first semester of 2010 studying at the Universidad de las Americas, Cholula, Puebla. The university itself is one of the top universities in Mexico and they expect their students to continue the high standards.  As I am studying Spanish as one of my majors, all my subjects were related to the Spanish language or Spanish literature.  With all my subjects I needed more that 75% to pass which really made me put in a lot of work each week and by doing so improved my level of Spanish very quickly. 

The sporting teams at the university are also at a high level and it’s very common for lots of students to go along and support the teams.  The gym at the university is free for students and the cafeteria serves very good food at very economical prices (30 pesos).  The visa process is the only frustrating process but the university does its best to make the process as smooth as possible.  Make sure you receive an entre stamp when arriving in Mexico or it will cost you $575 pesos.  The UDLAP only gives you 2 or 3 days to choose and change your subjects so make sure you act on this.  The UDLAP is a great place to study and I rate it highly.

My personal experience of life during the semester was another amazing experience.  I met many new friends, some that will become lifelong friends.  I chose to live off campus and find my own accommodation and ended up living in a building with many other people, mainly Mexicans, and enjoyed it immensely.  Close to the university there are many bars and clubs which makes your life very sociable if you wish.  You learn to speak Spanish in the bars and on the streets, talking to the locals and other students.   

There are many stories in the media that portray Mexico as a dangerous place.  I have spent six months here and I have found the people to be very nice and the majority of the time they will go out of their way to help you.  I have felt safer here that in my own city of Brisbane.  If you come to Mexico with an open mind you will not leave disappointed.  I wish I’d had the insight to stay and study another semester. I would thoroughly recommend the UDLAP and Mexico to everyone, especially those with an interest in speaking Spanish.  This has been an incredible experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life.  If you want any further information about Mexico do not hesitate to contact me through UQ Abroad.  Viva Mexico!!!

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