UQ Program: Bachelor of Architecture

 As I write this I’m sitting on my long haul flight home, reflecting on the last six months of my life and I can safely say they have been the best yet.  The opportunities that you get on an exchange and the people you meet is an experience not to be missed!  Don’t even hesitate, just go and apply.

Me standing outside the Dawson Lounge – “probably the smallest pub in the world”. During the initial stages of my exchange there were certain complications due to the set curriculum and pre-requisites in architecture, despite this, Dublin is very laidback and there will always be someone that can help you – eventually!  If there is anyone interested in Dublin for architecture specifically, ask UQ Abroad for my email as they have a very different studio culture.

 Dublin is an expensive city. Whilst people may tell you this 1000 times, it would be a very good idea to build in a contingency to your budget as you may be caught out as I was. Record snow in November and December cost me dearly when Ryanair and Aer Lingus decided they didn’t need to fly anymore! Get to know the city early and you can save a few Euros here and there (especially when it comes to pints!).

 Lastly, Ireland is a beautiful country and can be road tripped fairly easily.  Rent a car with some mates for the long weekend and go north around the coastal route or southwest to Kerry and Galway and you’re guaranteed to have a great craic!Me in the white hoodie with 3 friends at Belfast castle.


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