Unfortunately your time abroad will be over before you know it and you will leave your host country with mixed emotions, glad to be going home but sad to be leaving the new friends you have made. Before you leave, don’t forget to:

  • Download a copy of your exam results
    Download a copy of your exam results from the host university student system before your Access is cancelled. If there is a delay in receiving your transcript, you may need to provide your UQ faculty with proof of the courses you have completed while on exchange in order to complete your UQ enrolment for the next semester.
  • Pay any host university related fines and bills
    Please ensure that when you depart from your host university you pay all of your bills and university fees, like library fines or student services fees. If these remain unpaid many universities will withhold your academic transcript until the amount has been settled.
  • Contact your host universities international office
    Check with the international office to ensure you have finalised all necessary paperwork before you leave.
  • Check out of your accommodation
    Determine if you need to pay any bills and if there is any money owing to you. Be sure that the residence is clean and orderly before you leave.
  • Close your bank account
    Visit your bank to close any accounts.


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