My objective for participating in the MBA exchange program at Peking University was to invest in a career break.
It is hoped that an investment in obtaining valuable insight into the drivers and complications of China’s immense growth will provide handsome returns in this Asian Century.

With a handful of exemptions at my disposal and a varied schedule and credit value, I was able to participate in 7 classes.
The elective curriculum included classes led by a series of expat entrepreneurs, providing insight into the difficulties and opportunities of starting a business in China; a user-led product design workshop in an immersive virtual classroom with Stanford University MBA students; and perhaps the most memorable class, a strategy class that dissected urbanisation as a driver of growth and strategic investment opportunities, co-led by the Director of McKinsey Shanghai and the Cities Special Initiative.

The AsiaBound Scholarship allowed me to experience the amazing diversity of China's western frontiers in the Uyghur, Kyrgyz and Tajik Autonomous Regions to the dynamic metropolis of Shanghai.
Beijing is a bustling sprawl at the epicentre of Han culture and history with an unlimited variety of things to see, eat, admire and abhor.
Although tempered by the unforgiving pollution and bureaucracy, the exposure to the intensity of life in China and the academic experience was well worth the investment.
I am left with a memorable experience and valuable knowledge of China’s role in our region’s economic future.

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