Your application to UQ Abroad will be assessed against three criterion:

  1. Satisfaction of the eligibility criteria
  2. The competitiveness of your GPA for the number of places available at your preferred host institution
  3. The appropriateness of course choices for the host university
All students will receive an email from UQ Abroad with an update regarding their application approximately eight weeks after the deadline.
Eligible Students
Students will receive a Status Update email informing them of the following:
  • Preference offered – UQ Abroad will consider preferences in order of what is stipulated in the student’s application. Most students are offered their first preference, however students may also be offered a place at their second or third preference.
  • Need to choose another preference – in some instances, students may be eligible to participate in the UQ Abroad program, but will need to choose another preference if their submitted preferences are unavailable or if they do not meet particular institution entry requirements (e.g. minimum GPA, two years tertiary study completed).
After a student has been offered a place at a host institution, the student’s study plan will be forwarded by UQ Abroad to their UQ Faculty/ies for review. Students who are offered a place at a host institution that is not their first preference will be required to submit a new study plan to UQ Abroad for their new host. Students are not fully accepted into the UQ Abroad exchange program until their study plan/s have been approved by their UQ Faculty.
Please note: while you may have been deemed eligible by UQ Abroad, this simply means that UQ Abroad will nominate you as an exchange student to your host institution. The final admission decision rests with your host institution.
Ineligible Students
If your application is denied, you will receive an email explaining the reason you were not approved to go on exchange. The most common reasons for denial are:
  • Your cumulative GPA for your current UQ program is below 4.5
  • Your semester GPA at the time that you apply is below 4.5
  • You have not studied in your current program at UQ for the required amount of time
  • You have received an academic progression warning in the past #16 of enrolment at UQ
Important things to note:
  • Once an application has been submitted, students cannot change their host institution preferences.
  • Students can withdraw their UQ Abroad application at any time, however the earlier the better. Once a withdrawal is processed, it cannot be reversed.
  • UQ Abroad does not accept deferrals, so you will be required to withdraw and then re-apply if you wish to delay your exchange. 

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