Bachelor of Commerce/Business Management
Bachelor of Commerce/Business Management

Over in Canada I had to do 5 courses to match the full time load at UQ of 4. I used one course on a subject that counted towards my Business Major back home and then the other 4 were general electives. I'm happy that I got to experience the business school in another country however, very pleased that I chose to use my general electives as I feel I learned more from that. They were first year courses so relatively 'easy' but were in the Art/Science faculty so very different to what I'm used to. There were heaps of small weighted pieces of assessment which I was not used to and MANY readings which I've never had before. The overall system was very similar to UQ but just little bits that were definitely noticed.

Anne Maple Leaf

I'm a very independent person so I feel like all the travel that I did on my own was very beneficial as I needed a change from back home. Loved taking the risk and just doing something on the weekend like going to Quebec City or New York which I would have never done back home. The people that you meet on exchange are from such diverse places and if you get the chance to have an in depth chat with as many of them you learn so much about the world from that. The two main areas I've definitely gained in are personal understanding and worldly understanding. I've also been lucky enough to meet some amazing people along the way that I'll hopefully chat up with in the future.

Anne Maple
There were a few issues with the amount of first years accepted into the University this year so no exchange students were accepted into Residence and there was also a shortage of furnished houses! I ended up living at another college around 10min away from campus which was ok. I was glad to be away from all the partying but also felt like I missed out on knowing what was going on. I would recommend living with people from the country of exchange, Canadians in my case, as you learn more about the country and the local activities that are happening.
I saved a very large amount as I knew I wanted to travel every weekend and do as much as possible when here. I've been keeping track of every single thing I've spent money on and around 1/3 of all the money I've spent has been on food which is insane!! I've been pretty good with making as many meals as possible and taking snacks when I went places but still a little bit shocked. A big area to sort out is money and what cards you are using. Make sure you talk to your bank and explicitly find out information and look into if they have a travel card, as I found that the best. I would recommend around $10 000 with lots of travel during the semester and then some more depending on travel before and after the exchange.

Anne Niagara
Doing a double business degree with one major in International Business means I need to be able to adapt to other cultures and have an understanding of what it's like living abroad. Even though Canada is relatively similar to Australia I did find I missed home more than expected. Coming away has also made me realise just how lazy I am when it comes to university work and my GPA and it has given me the motivation to 'pull my finger out' and get on with my degree. I only have a year and a half left so hopefully when it comes to looking for internships and jobs the exchange will show my independence and willingness to try different things.

Anne NYC
There were two days that have stood out as being the best days of my exchange and maybe even my life. My second day in New York and second day in Quebec City were both absolutely amazing. I had travelled to both places by myself and when walking around I just had this smile on my face and felt so grateful to be here experiencing this and having this opportunity. It was all just very surreal and I was very content.

Anne Orientation
Just do it! Don't let a single thing hold you back. It's not that hard to get into the program and if funds are the issue there are so many ways to get help. See the girls at the UQ Abroad and they will help where they can or point you to the right person. It's all a bit daunting at the start trying to get organised and there is a very long process to go through and many things to take into consideration but once you start at your exchange university everything is smooth sailing.

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