Bachelor of Arts/Laws
Bachelor of Arts/Laws

I went to UCD in the first semester of my fifth year to study my law electives. At UCD, a full time load is six subjects but don’t let that scare you. I found the academic load easy to manage and only one of my subjects had tutorials so the amount of contact hours wasn’t really that much more. Completing my law electives at UCD also allowed me to choose some really interesting subjects that weren’t available at UQ, including a subject about the theory of court processes where I had the opportunity to visit and sit in on cases at the criminal courts in Dublin. Because you take more subjects per semester, the content of each subject is usually more specific and less broad, for example I did a family law subject that just focused on laws regarding children. Unlike UQ, no subjects I took recorded any lectures or posted notes or a learning guide so often the only way to actually keep up with the course is to attend the lectures.

Living in Dublin was an amazing experience. Irish people might be the friendliest in the world and Ireland is such a beautiful and exciting place to get to know. Dublin is also a great place to travel from; I was able to get some really cheap flights around Europe using Ryanair. The International Student’s Society at UCD is really good at organising events, dinners and trips around Ireland which are a great way to meet other exchange students. Staying on College was also really convenient and I would definitely recommend it. Overall, I found Dublin to be a great city to live in; it’s very lively and there a lot of great places to eat and drink.

5 Top Tips:

  1. Every meal should end in Murphy’s Ice – Cream
  2. Ryanair makes Jetstar look like luxury but has really cheap flights all around Europe
  3. It does rain a lot and umbrella’s don’t last long in the wind so make sure you have a coat with a hood
  4. Sunny, warm days are rare but do happen! And when they do, no one goes to class.
  5. Always end your nights out at Coppers

Above all, going on exchange in Dublin allowed me to do lots of travelling around Europe, learn a lot more about Ireland and its history and make some amazing new friends.

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