Bachelor of Science, 3rd year
Bachelor of Science, 3rd year

Academic Experience

I studied physics courses mostly, as well as some geography, philosophy, and classical studies. I found the philosophy and classics courses really different, however that may have been because I have never studied anything like them before. The science courses were taught in a similar method to UQ and had weekly, or fortnightly assignments. I did find that during my first semester abroad I struggled a bit more with getting the course load complete as well as traveling, working, and socialising. By semester 2 I had time management down pat, and it really reflected in my grades. The professors at UBC are really welcoming and are there to help you whenever you need.

Personal Experience

Going on exchange definitely broadened my social skills and allowed me the experience and struggle of being in a completely new place where I knew nobody. It also let me gain lifelong friends and explore incredible places. Exchange made me become more independent and pushed me to becoming more social.


I lived on campus and I couldn't think of a better way to do exchange! Living on campus allowed me to be so close to uni that there was essentially no travel time to classes, which also makes meeting up with friends very easy. Be kind to your flatmates as they could be your best friends, or a giant pain. Living on campus can be a bit more expensive, but I truly believe that the experience is worth the extra cost.


Exchange can be very expensive. The OS Help loan was a huge advantage and allowed me to go on adventures that changed my life. I got a job while I was over there, which allowed me to make incredible local friends and gave me some extra funds for exploring, however does dip into time to study or socialise. For my year abroad I spent nearly $30,000, which included 7 weeks traveling through the United States in the summer, and multiple trips during term.

Professional Development & Employability

Exchange has given me independence and a drive that I don't think I would have had without jumping at the opportunity to venture on my own.


I have experienced so many highlights during my year abroad, including; seeing and playing in snow for the first time, skiing for the first time, hiking a snow covered mountain at 2 in the morning to see the Northern Lights, exploring the Rocky Mountains with an incredible group of friends, meeting lifelong friends and touring the United States and Eastern Canada for more than 6 weeks.

Top Tips

Don't hesitate! Exchange is an incredible experience that really can't compare to anything I have don't before in my life. Once you get over there; don't hesitate. You'll make the most amazing friends from around the world and participate in outstanding experiences that may change your life.


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