I went on exchange to the University of British Columbia in the second semester of 2011 and it was by far one of the most amazing adventures I have ever embarked on. I was lucky enough to know some others also going on exchange from UQ but this did not stop me from making an abundance of new friends from all over the world. I found myself making friends with a lot of other exchange students which was good because we all wanted to explore and check out Vancouver as well as other nearby places. Needless to say we did still make a lot of friends with the Canadians and Americans, making it a very international experience.

The University itself was world-class. I was a second year Economics and Commerce Student but I decided to do my general electives overseas. I did this so I could study a wider variety of subjects and also to take off some of the pressure as learning the content of these general electives was not vital to my degree and subsequent subjects. Taking slightly easier subjects is also a good idea as I did find the workload slightly more demanding than that of UQ. It was also definitely made easier by living on campus and having the uni at your doorstep.

Top 5 Tips:

  • Buy a ski pass! UBC students have access to incredibly cheap season passes and if you go up a few times, you make your money back easily. It is almost guaranteed that you will never get the opportunity to have such cheap access to some of the world’s best slopes.
  • Travel to everywhere in Vancouver and nearby – Grouse Mountain, Stanley Park, Seattle, Vancouver Island, Whistler, Banff etc. Take advantage of Vancouver’s fabulous location and every weekend you have off!
  • If you have the money, travel before and after your exchange – you never know when you will be on that side of the world again!
  • See an Ice Hockey game. If there is one thing Vancouver locals are passionate about, it’s the Vancouver Canucks Ice Hockey Team. The atmosphere at their games is incredible and well worth the money.
  • Take Vitamin tablets and try to stay fit and healthy. When the cold starts to come, it is inevitable that everyone starts to get the sniffles and getting sick is always the last thing you want when you are on exchange.

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