September 2011, I began my journey of a lifetime!

The classes provided in Tokai University was really intense, the workload and class hours made me feel like I was back in high school again. Monday to Friday classes starting at 9 and finishes at 3. Everything was so different compare to the university life back in Australia, and I really didn’t enjoy this lifestyle for the first few months. However, as I got more used to the country, the university and the people around me, I started to like my life pattern. I love that I get to meet my class-mate and have the opportunity to force myself to talk in Japanese on a daily bases. We have people from all over the world in our class, including Korea, China, Thailand, Italy, Dubai and Nigeria. We see each other in class everyday and even live with some in the same dormitory; it was just like a big family. The only way we communicate with each other was by using Japanese, and I was surprised at how much my Japanese has improved in the first semester.

During the semester break, I went to Kyoto to visit a friend who is also a UQ exchange student. The city is famous for its temples and strong traditional Japanese culture. So we went to rent the Kimonos and wore it to visit the temples and the city, it made me felt like I was a real Japanese for the day, we even have people asking to take photo with us.

This one year exchange experience has offered me more I than I expected to received. I not only improved my Japanese language skills, but also the friendships I’ve made and the bound that I have with the country is memories that I will bring with me for my whole life.

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