Bachelor of Economics, 3rd year
Bachelor of Economics, 3rd year

Academic experiences

I took International Economics, Development Economics, Economics of Globalisation, Corporate Finance and Sociology.
To be honest I really enjoyed Finance and Sociology more than the others because the professors were very enthusiastic.
It's different from UQ because study here in Italy is more technical and you have to be really devoted to study because there are 5 subjects.
I had to overcome the language barriers; that is still difficult but now I feel more confident and happy to have learned another language.

Leaning tower Pisa

Personal experiences

Pisa, Rome, learning about the cuisine and the fashion industry in Milan is something that I always remember.


On and off.
But it’s better to live with other students as you make friends more easily than living with older people.

Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II


Transport for students is 22euros a month.
Food varies.
Travel - depends if you go in a group or alone but on average is 25 euros a night.

Academic development and employability

I learned about other cultures, I can relate more easily to people of this country and I know Italian better.

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Pisa and the leaning tower!

Top tips

Go for it, just choose the host university wisely.

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