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Monday 1 February 2016


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Help shape The University of Queensland’s St Lucia Campus

UQ is calling for expressions of interest for membership of a Community Reference Group to provide community input and feedback to support the design, planning and development of UQ’s St Lucia campus.

Representatives should live, study or work in the St Lucia, Long Pocket or Guyatt Park communities.
The closing date for expressions of interest is Friday 5 February 2016.

The application form is available here or call the Property and Facilities Division on ext. 52794.









Australia Workplace Equality Index Staff Survey

All staff are invited to participate in the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) survey and have their say on UQ's LGBTI inclusion initiative. The AWEI is a national benchmarking tool for diverse sexuality and gender inclusiveness, and includes a confidential survey that staff are invited to complete.

For more information about the AWEI, click here. The survey will be available until 5pm Thursday 24 March, and can be completed here. Please do not distribute this link outside UQ as it is unique to UQ.

Apple AC wall plug adapter exchange program

Apple has determined that, in very rare cases, the two-prong Apple AC wall plug adapters designed for use in Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Argentina and Brazil may break and create a risk of electrical shock if touched. These wall plug adapters were shipped from 2003 to 2015 with Mac and certain iOS devices, and were also included in the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit.

ITS is working with Apple on the exchange program to facilitate the exchange of UQ devices, and more information will be provided as soon as it is available. For more information, click here or email help@its.uq.edu.au.

Call for applications for the 2016 Fryer Library Fellowship

The annual Fryer Library Fellowship (formerly the Fryer Library Award) aims to:

  • Support research into Australian historical and literary studies utilising the collections of the University of Queensland’s Fryer Library.
  • Promote The University of Queensland’s Fryer Library as a centre of scholarly activity.
  • Integrate a digital component (e.g. online exhibition) that will expand access and encourage engagement with the Fryer collections used in the research project

The successful applicant will receive $20,000 as well as full UQ Library access and copying services. It is anticipated that the successful applicant will be based at the UQ St Lucia campus for a negotiated period, to a maximum of six months.

The appointment is to be taken up during the fellowship year. Applications must be submitted byMonday 29 February. For more information, click here or contact Simon Farley.

NCCARF CSIRO Climate Adaptation Conference 2016

Abstracts are invited for the NCCARF CSIRO National Climate Adaptation Conference to be held Tuesday 5-Thursday 7 July at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Abstract submissions are sought from researchers and practitioners across all adaptation sectors, including agriculture and natural resources, human services sectors and finance, urban, government and emergency services. Abstract submission will close on Monday 7 March and early-bird registration is available until Friday 15 April. For more information, to submit an abstract, or to register, click here

NCCARF Climate Adaptation Award

Nominate a Climate Adaptation Champion  to recognise the contributions and achievements of those who are finding practical and innovative ways to adapt to the impacts of climate change. These awards showcase people and projects actively changing behaviour, techniques, businesses and policies to adapt to an altered future climate. 

Nominations are sought in each of four categories: Individual, Business, Community or Government. Champions will receive free registration and travel for the NCCARF CSIRO Climate Adaptation Conference 2016. Nominations close Friday 4 March. To submit a nomination, click here

Health and Safety travel alert – Zika virus

Risk assessments are essential for UQ staff and students travelling to areas where Zika virus (ZIKV) is found. The risk of ZIKV and other mosquito-borne diseases, should be considered and included in risk assessments completed for work to be undertaken off-shore. Currently there are a number of nations in the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Africa and the Pacific Islands where Zika is known to be transmitted. The complete list is found at the Australian government smartraveller Zika Virus Bulletin.

While illness from Zika is usually not severe and does not require hospitalization, there are serious concerns of severe outcomes for unborn babies. Women who are pregnant or seeking to become pregnant should reconsider their travel plans to areas where Zika is known to be transmitted. There is no vaccine for Zika.

Prevention relies on avoiding mosquito bites in areas where Zika occurs. Travel advice and preventive measures can be found on the Department of Health website and the World Health Organisation website
For further information visit the OHS Division website

Nominations open for the CareerHub Protocol Team (Phase 1 – Governance and Security Protocol)

Staff interested in development of the governance and security protocol for the UQ CareerHub System integration are invited to get involved in UQ’s CareerHub Protocol Team. Nominations will close on Tuesday 16 February. More information, including the online nomination form, is available here, or by contacting Katrina Greig on ext. 51701.

AV Hire Services

UQ Audio Visual Hire Services provides services and equipment, including lighting, sound and visual equipment for events of all sizes at affordable prices to the UQ community, including UQ staff and students. For more information about the items available for hire, visit the AV Hire store, email help@its.uq.edu.au or contact Luke Angel on ext. 66678.

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Wikipedia seminars at UQ Library

The UQ Library is hosting two seminars on using Wikipedia, and how to create and edit content. Kerry Raymond, former UQ academic and active contributor to Wikipedia and member of Wikipedia Australia will present the sessions on Tuesday 2 February from 9.30am–12pm in the Terrace Room, Sir Llew Edwards Building and Monday 8 February from 9.15am–1pm in eZone 3, Duhig Building. RSVP to session one here and session two here. For more information contact Heather Todd on ext. 64329. 

UQEI-GCI-Grattan Institute Energy Express Seminar

The UQEI Energy Express Seminars are designed to provide a monthly forum to present and discuss a range of energy-related topics and themes. Professor Emeritus Robert H. Socolow, Co-Director, The Carbon Mitigation Initiative and Princeton Environmental Institute, Princeton University, will share his views on "Truths we must tell ourselves if we are to manage climate change". The seminar, co-hosted with the GCI and the Grattan Institute will be held on Tuesday 9 February from 6–7pm in the GHD Auditorium, Advanced Engineering Building, followed by light refreshments until 8pm. RSVP with any dietary requirements by Friday 5 February. For more information, click here or contact the UQ Energy Initiative

Other upcoming events 

QBI Neuroscience Seminar: The midbrain periaqueductal gray: Critical interface between the emotional and the autonomic brain (03.02.16)

Transforming Assessment online seminar: Developing a 4‐dimensional interdisciplinary learning environment (03.02.16)

EAIT Faculty commences roll-out for class sign-on for courses delivered in Semester 1 2016 (03.02.16)

The Perception of Inequality of Opportunity (04.02.16)


More UQ events »


UQ in the media

The media monitoring service provides a broad collection of external media articles that mention UQ. This information is gathered and updated daily by the Office of Marketing and Communications. For more information:

  1. Subscribe to the daily Media Summary, or

  2. If you are a Marketing or Communications staff member, you may be able to arrange access the Media Monitors portal directly by emailing communications@uq.edu.au.



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Free Cycling Workshops

As part of the Cycle Smart, Cycle Safe campaign, the Sustainability Office has partnered with Brisbane City Council’s Cycling Brisbane to offer a series of free bicycle workshops to UQ staff and students in 2016. The workshops are tailored to assist cyclists of all abilities to improve their cycling confidence and bike maintenance skills. The next workshop, Cycling in Traffic, will teach you how to cycle in gentle traffic and will take place on Thursday 25 February.

For more information and to reserve your place visit the event page. For a list of all cycling workshops offered this semester, visit the Sustainability website.

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New year's motivation to be more active

The UQ Musculoskeletal and Sport Injury Physiotherapy Clinic offers comprehensive assessments tailored to address your concerns. The clinic is open throughout the year, Monday to Friday, 8am–6pm. For more information or to book a consultation, call 3365 2232, email healthclinics@uq.edu.au or visit health-clinics.uq.edu.au.

Talking to kids about sexuality

The Parenting and Family Support Centre (PFSC) at UQ and True Relationships & Reproductive Health Brisbane have collaborated to develop a group intervention program to help parents learn how to communicate more comfortably and effectively with their children about sexuality issues. If you are interested in attending a complimentary workshop visit our website. For more information, contact Sarah Teo on 3365 9186.

Adult autism spectrum group

A group exists for adults on the Autism Spectrum in a non-threatening environment. This non-clinical group meets for adults to discuss and find friendship twice a month. Click here or phone Garry Burge on 0431 444 512.




OHS workshops and training

The UQ OHS Division is delivering a number of occupational health and safety workshops and training sessions during February. Course profiles and registration details are available on the Staff Development website.

  • Chemwatch Database Training–Wednesday 3 February, St Lucia
  • Chemwatch Database Training–Monday 8 February, St Lucia
  • Chemwatch Database Training–Tuesday 16 February, St Lucia
  • OHS for Supervisors and Managers–Wednesday 17 February, St Lucia
  • Provide First Aid–Tuesday 23 February, St Lucia
  • OHS for Supervisors and Managers– Wednesday 24 February, St Lucia

Staff development update

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 Study about

Asthmatic and non–asthmatic participants needed

Men and women with asthma and/or allergies, and those not suffering from asthma or allergies are sought to participate in a study examining the immune response in asthma and allergic disease in order to better understand why these conditions develop in some people. Participation will be at the PA Hospital for approximately 30 minutes and will involve filling out a simple questionnaire, a blood test and an allergy test. Details: click here or contact Liisa Murray.

Neuroimaging of cognitive processes

Healthy volunteers aged 18–35 are sought for a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study of cognitive processes in the brain at St Lucia. The study will involve completing a behavioural task while inside an MRI scanner. Volunteers must have normal vision or vision corrected with contact lenses, and must not be colour-blind. Additionally, participants must not be current or past psychology students. Participation in this study consists of one two-hour session, with $30 reimbursement. Details: Kristina Horne.

Brain development and memory in children aged 9–11 years

Children aged 9–11 years, who are right-handed, have no history of brain injury and speak English as a first language are sought as volunteers for behavioural and MRI experiments investigating memory and childhood brain development. Participants can only be involved in either the MRI or behavioural experiments. Both experiments involves three computer tasks that test memory function. $10 reimbursement will be available for behavioural tests and $30 reimbursement will be available for MRI participation. Details: click here or contact Samuel Fynes Clinton.

Seeking healthy male volunteers for MRI study on autism

Males aged 30–45 years are sought to participate in a brain imaging study. Volunteers should have English as their first language, no history of brain injury, and no diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Participation will involve an MRI scan of the brain, a blood sample, and two one-on-one sessions of cognitive testing. The cognitive testing sessions will last two–three hours each. All aspects of the study will take place at UQ St Lucia. Participants will receive a $50 Coles Group and Myer gift card for their time. Details: Megan Barker.

The effect of dehydration on motorsport performance

Healthy males ages 18-50 are needed for this study, which will include one screening, four amiliarisations and three testing sessions at St Lucia. The study will determine the influence of dehydration on simulated car racing performance. You will get to race around Bathurst in a V8 Supercar simulator under the conditions drivers face during a race. Participants will receive feedback on their physiological responses to heat and dehydration, driving performance and driving style. Details: Justin Holland.

Tourism advertising research

Researchers from the UQ Business School are seeking volunteers aged 18–55 to participate in a tourism advertising project. The participant will be required to watch six tourism commercials while attached to two psychophysiological sensors. They will then be required to complete a questionnaire. The participants need to live in Australia (or originate from a culturally similar country such as USA, UK or New Zealand) for all or most of their lives and speak fluent English. The whole procedure will last about 45-60 minutes and each participant will be reimbursed with a $10 Coles Group and Myer gift card. Details: Stone Li.

Opportunity for aged care nurses

Do you work in aged care nursing as an AIN, EN or RN? Here is your chance to support research that will improve your work life. This study is exploring the experience of moral distress for workers in residential and community aged care, with a view to developing Australian-specific interventions. Participants will be given two clinical scenarios to consider, and will share their experiences in either a telephone or face-to-face interview. Interviews will last about 30 minutes. Details: Adam Burston.

People with no ankle pain are needed

Volunteers with no history of ankle pain are sought to complete an online survey. This survey will help us to better understand the difference between those with and without ankle pain. The survey will take about 20–30 minutes to complete. There is no foreseeable risk associated with participation in this study. Details: click here or contact Munira Al Mahrouqi.

Free exercise training

Researchers are looking for volunteers aged 18–75 with type 2 diabetes to participate in an exercise training study at UQ. Participants will receive free training sessions with an accredited exercise physiologist and free health checks. Free parking will be provided. Details: Click here or contact Trishan Gajanand.

Young drivers sought to use event-triggered camera in vehicles

Australian drivers’ licence holders aged 18–24 years with their own car are sought for an in-car camera study. Participation involves two sessions at St Lucia, with questionnaires and video-based driving tasks, and the use of a Drivecam for about six weeks. Participants will receive $70. Details: Click here or contact Francine Smith.

Healthy controls needed for brain tumour research

Healthy volunteers aged 25–49 who are right-handed and have English as their first language are sought for a neuroimaging study of language processing. Participation will involve completing language tasks inside an MRI scanner, together with brief language assessments outside the scanner. Testing will take place at the Centre for Advanced Imaging at St Lucia over two sessions, each lasting 1-1½ hours, eight weeks apart. Participants will be reimbursed. The research is part of a study investigating presurgical language mapping and neuroplasticity of language function in people with brain tumours. Details: Georgia Thomas (3346 5579).

Ongoing childhood health conditions and the impact on families

Families with children who have one or more ongoing health conditions (e.g. asthma, eczema, diabetes, epilepsy) are needed for a study exploring the impact of chronic childhood illness on siblings. Parents and healthy siblings aged six–12 years are invited to participate in a brief face-to-face interview. Participants will go into a draw for a chance to win one of two $40 Coles Group and Myer gift cards. Details: Dr Amy Mitchell (3346 1202).

Why do people keep hurting their backs?

Recently hurt your back? If so, you're likely to experience future back pain. Adults aged 18–50 who have experienced back pain in the past week are sought for a study that aims to discover why people keep hurting their backs after suffering an initial episode of back pain. Participants will be reimbursed for their time. Complete this survey to see if you are eligible to participate. Details: longlbp.ccrespine@uq.edu.au  


Does the pleasure of eating foods change with hypertension?

Non-smokers who have been diagnosed with hypertension are sought for a study about how people experience the pleasure of foods. Have you noticed any difference in how you perceive the intensity of food flavours? We will look at how your brain responds (fMRI) to salty taste to help reduce dietary Na but keep the full flavour of foods. Participants will be reimbursed with a $40 gift voucher. Details: Anja Winkelbach.

Have you previously sprained your ankle?

Volunteers aged 18–45 years who have previously sprained their ankles are needed for a study investigating lower limb strength and balance. Participants will be asked to contract their leg muscles and perform a clinical balance test. Testing will take approximately 2-2.5 hours and will be conducted at the St. Lucia campus. Parking will be provided and participants will be reimbursed with a $20 Coles Group and Myer gift voucher. Details: Nafiseh Khalaj.

Neck pain and brain changes

Adults aged 18–55 years who are suffering from neck pain are sought to investigate how neck pain changes the brain. The study involves attendance at one three-hour session using EMG electrodes on neck muscles and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to map the representation of your neck muscles in the brain. Participants will receive $50 reimbursement at the end of the EMG data collection. Details: Edith Elgueta.

Do standing or walking desks help people work better?

UQ staff are sought to visit the Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences Building to spend time completing their own computer work using a standing and walking desk. Participants are asked to make four visits, and will complete a survey, have physical measures taken (blood pressure, heart rate etc) and complete simple memory and mental speed tests. Details: Nicholas Gilson (3365 6114).

Rheumatoid arthritis research: understanding the family link

Researchers are seeking individuals with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), individuals with a family history of RA, and healthy controls for a study aiming to identify the relationship between RA, genetics and other factors influencing the onset of the disease. Participants will meet with a rheumatologist at Greenslopes Private Hospital, to fill out questionnaires and to provide blood and saliva samples. Details: Daniel Lim (3343 6992).

Healthy volunteers needed for saliva research

Healthy, non-smoking, Caucasian male volunteers aged 20–30 are sought for saliva research that aims to detect heart failure and head and neck cancer early. Volunteers should not be on any medications or wear dentures. Volunteers will be asked to donate their saliva at four different time points (9am, noon, 1pm, 4pm) in the same day. Each saliva donation should take no more than five minutes. Details: Firman Idris.

The healthy ageing brain: 65 years and over

Healthy right-handed adults aged 65–80 years who speak English as a first language are sought for a neuroimaging experiment at the Centre for Advanced Imaging. This study involves a one-hour fMRI scan and a 45-minute pen-and-paper session to assess age-related changes in brain activity underlying language and gesture production. Participants will be reimbursed $60. Complete this form to participate. Details: Samuel Fynes Clinton.

Cognition in Parkinson's disease

UQCCR is seeking healthy females aged 66–72 to complete two brain scans (MRI) at St Lucia. Data will be used as a reference for data collected from patients with Parkinson's disease. Experiments focus on language, memory, learning and emotion. Free and guaranteed parking at St Lucia is provided and each trip will be reimbursed with $45. Participants need to be right-handed and native English speakers. Details: Dr Christina Knuepffer

Neural correlates of spelling performance in year two students

Researchers from the Centre for Advanced Imaging at UQ are seeking children who are enrolled in grade two of primary school (aged 7–8 years) to participate in a study that examines different forms of spelling assessment. This study involves a functional MRI scan of the brain during spelling tests and the completion of two brief cognitive tasks. Participants will be reimbursed $30. Details: Alysha Calleia.

Office workers without neck pain needed

Workers who use a computer for more than 20 hours a week and do not have neck pain are sought for this study. Experts are investigating the impact of posture at computers on the health of the neck and shoulders. Participants will receive $50 plus free assessments of their workstation and a work posture guide. Testing is conducted at your workstation while you work. Details: Deokhoon Jun.

Volunteers with and without pain required for spine and shoulder posture study

Volunteers aged 30–60 who have no neck or shoulder pain, and volunteers aged 18–60 who have had neck pain in the last three months or more are sought for a study using 3D motion-capture technology to investigate normal spinal and shoulder posture under low load activities of the arm and neck. Participants will receive a free posture assessment and postural advice. Details: Yaheli Bet-Or

New Year resolution? Quit smoking and get fit with free exercise sessions

Researchers are seeking female volunteers aged 18–55 who are thinking about quitting smoking. The project will compare the effects of two types of exercise–high-intensity interval training and lifestyle physical activity over 12 weeks–to see how well exercise helps with a quit attempt. Participants receive free supervised exercise sessions for 12 weeks, and will also receive free health and fitness tests at the St Lucia campus. Travel costs for testing will be reimbursed. Details: click here or email hiit2quit@uq.edu.au.

Health assessment for children and adolescents

Children and adolescents aged 7–16 are sought for free, comprehensive health assessments. Testing includes fitness testing, body composition measurements and cardiovascular health assessments. You will receive a report following completion of assessments. Sessions are held at the St Lucia campus and free parking is provided. Details: Click here or contact Katrin Dias.

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