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Monday 15 December 2014 

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OP Results Advice Night 

OP Results Advice Night is the perfect opportunity to learn more about study options at UQ for 2015. This event is particularly aimed at year 12 students who have received their OP, but anyone interested in undergraduate study can attend.

Talk to staff about entry requirements and pathways, attend a seminar or take a campus tour. This year’s event will be held on Monday 22 December between 4pm–7pm in the UQ Centre.

For those that can’t make it to the event, Admissions staff will also be answering questions via the UQ Facebook page and email between 5pm–7pm on the night.

For more information and to register, visit youruq.com/opresults.


UQ retail outlets Christmas trading hours

The University recognises that while the holiday period affects most normal activities on campus, it is necessary to ensure the campus continues to provide services for those staff and students working at St Lucia over the end of year period.

The Christmas trading hours for UQ St Lucia retail outlets are available here.

For more information, contact Matthew Savage on ext. 57974.

Travel End to End Review (TEER)

The Vice Chancellor’s Committee recently approved an end to end review of travel at UQ. The University recently issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) inviting external consultants with travel management review experience to conduct the review. Finance and Business Services and Corporate Operations will oversee the review. The review will be completed within the first quarter of 2015.

The UQ community, UQ travellers and users of the existing travel management solution are encouraged to provide feedback on travel at UQ. Please contact Kris Maric for any travel review queries.

UQ instructors embrace online marking

Over 50 per cent of assignments were marked online this year; saving time, money, a lot of paper and the environment. Schools and Institutes across UQ are embracing the eLearning management system with the introduction of electronic submission. Find out more as UQ staff share their experiences and tips for online marking.

Road resurfacing Sir William Macgregor Drive

As part of Property and Facilities ongoing road maintenance, a section of Sir William Macgregor Drive will be resurfaced and stormwater gullies will be replaced from today, Monday 15 December until approximately Monday 11 January 2015

To facilitate repairs, Sir William Macgregor Drive will be closed from the last driveway into Emmanuel College to the College Road intersection. Access from Upland Road into Sir William Macgregor Drive will be subject to traffic restrictions and delays. Access route maps can be found here.   

Visit the P&F Bulletin Board for more information.

UQ Update publication dates

Update would like to thank everyone who has read the newsletter throughout 2014, and provided submissions and feedback.

This is the last edition for the year, and the newsletter will resume on Monday 19 January 2015.

We hope everyone has an enjoyable festive season.

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Recognition tip of the week: 

Ensure recognition is sincere: be engaging, build respect and trust.

Recognition is the acknowledgement that an achievement and/or performance has been seen and is appreciated. For recognition and reward to be effective and meaningful, it needs to be integrated into daily work practice. A successful recognition and reward approach includes a range of recognition and reward practices.

UQ organisational units are encouraged to implement a recognition and reward program using the resources found here.

For information and resources on valuing and celebrating the contribution of staff, click here

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Sustainable Minerals Institute Seminar Series

Raymond Masono, Director for the Office of Panguna Mine Negotiations, will host a seminar on "Alternative Benefit Sharing Modality for a Redeveloped Panguna Mine in Bougainville, PNG". The Office was established to coordinate the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) and Panguna mine-affected landowners' preparations to negotiate the possible reopening of Panguna Mine in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB). The seminar will be held on Tuesday 16 December from 12pm–12.30pm in the Level 4 Seminar Room, Sir James Foot Building. For more information, contact Hannah Fry on ext. 64241.

TGH Jones Memorial Public Lecture 2014

Professor David Leigh will present the TGH Jones Memorial Public Lecture 2014 on the topic of  "Tooling Up for Nanoworld: The Magic of Molecular Machines". The lecture will discuss artificial structures and how these impact on every aspect of functional molecule and materials design. The lecture will be held on Thursday 18 December from 4pm–5pm in the Abel Smith Lecture Theatre, Building 23. For more information, contact Aimee Parker on ext. 61629.



UQ in the media

The media monitoring service provides a broad collection of external media articles where UQ is mentioned. This information is gathered and updated daily by the Office of Marketing and Communications. For more information:

  1. Subscribe to the daily Media Summary by emailing communications@uq.edu.au, or

  2. If you are a Marketing or Communications staff member, you may be able to make arrangements to access the Media Monitors portal directly by emailing communications@uq.edu.au.



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Shut down and switch off before take off

To save energy, reduce environmental impact and minimise costs, the Property and Facilities Division has programmed a partial shutdown of air conditioning to selected buildings over the Christmas and New Year period. UQ Sustainability is asking staff to get involved by switching off all non-essential electrical equipment before taking off for holidays. Visit the Sustainability website for an action list and resources on how to get involved.

Eco tips – How to switch off before take off

  1. Shut down your computer and monitor and switch off at the power point.  
  2. Turn off all non-essential lighting and shared office equipment, including printers, photocopiers, fax machines, microwaves and manual air conditioning systems.
  3. Turn off all non-essential laboratory equipment. 
  4. Take the opportunity to clean out the office fridge and turn it off for the break.
  5. Close and lock all windows and doors.

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Clinical Services Continue over holiday period

Health is not a New Year's resolution, it is an everyday commitment. The clinical services of the UQ Health and Rehabilitation Clinic are available to you and your family members year round. Our audiologists, occupational therapists, physios and speech pathologists are on hand to assist and guide you in managing your health and wellbeing. Services are offered for all ages. For more information visit the Health and Rehabilitation Clinics website or contact reception for an appointment on 3365 2232. 

Socialising with visiting Korean school students

King's College is hosting a group of Korean school students aged 10–16 years from Tuesday 6 January–Friday 30 January 2015. The students are learning English, and it would be greatly appreciated if members of the UQ community could volunteer their time to interact with the students, to help improve their English skills. Those with children are particularly encouraged. Lunch will be provided by King's College. Those who have any amount of availability and interest should contact Sue Eekelschot on 3871 9600 to organise a visit.

UQ Sport Kids summer holiday program starts today 

Keep your kids active, healthy and happy over the school holidays. Enrolments are now open for the UQ Sport Kids holiday programs, offering swimming, tennis and athletics. Swimming and tennis programs run from Monday 15 December–Friday 23 January 2015 and the athletics program runs from Tuesday 16–Thursday 18 December only. The UQ Sport Kids Club runs from Monday 15 December–Friday 23 January 2015 and offers a fun mix of indoor and outdoor activities on the UQ St Lucia Campus. For more information, email kids@uqsport.com.au.

Customs House Restaurant new menu

Custom House Restaurant new menu starts for dinner service on Wednesday 7 January 2015. Try some new and exciting dishes or enjoy an old favourite. UQ Staff will continue to receive a 10 per cent discount in the new year. Customs House will close after lunch service on the Tuesday 23 December and re-open for dinner on Wednesday 7 January 2015. For more information, click here

UQ Wellness 

For information and options in relation to health and wellbeing opportunities, visit uq.edu.au/uqwellness.

Adult Autism Spectrum Group

A group exists for adults on the Autism Spectrum in a non-threatening environment. This non-clinical group meets for adults to discuss and find friendship twice a month. Click here or phone Garry Burge on 0431 444 512. 

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One-on-one tutorials trial – Desktop video recording (Echo360 PCAP) and Video upload (Kaltura)

ITS is trialling a new service to provide one-on-one tutorials for staff on: Creating a mini lecture / software demonstration using Echo360 Personal Capture or uploading video to Kaltura (UQ’s video server). To organise a tutorial, staff should email Ailsa Dickie noting their availability for the session and office location. The trial will run during December and January. Visit the One-on-one tutorials eLearning page for further information.

eLearning authoring software training -iSpring

ITS is helping pilot iSpring suite eLearning authoring software during 2015. iSpring integrates with PowerPoint and allows you to create video lectures, advanced quizzes with feedback, and interactive case studies. Licences are available for course coordinators who attend training. The online workshops facilitated by iSpring will be held on from 3pm–4pm on Tuesday 15 January 2015 and Tuesday 10 February 2015. Contact Ailsa Dickie to register or for further information.

eLearning workshops

ITS are offering a range of practical workshops on eLearning tools during 2015. Staff will be able to register for the below workshops from Thursday 1 January 2015 on the Staff Development website.

  • Learn.UQ Basics - Wednesday 14 January 2015, St Lucia
  • TurnItIn PeerMark - Friday 16 January 2015, St Lucia
  • TurnItIn - Tuesday 20 January 2015, St Lucia
  • Learn.UQ Quizzes, Tests and Exams - Thursday 22 January 2015, St Lucia
  • Learn.UQ Basics - Thursday 29 January 2015, St Lucia

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 Study about

Going away for the Christmas holidays?

Volunteers planning a holiday over the Christmas break are sought for a study on the restorative impacts of short breaks and vacations. Each participant will receive two movie tickets. Details: Register interest here or contact Jan Packer

Training and Development study for Summer Tutors

Seeking UQ tutors to participant in a peer-to-peer based training program over the summer semester to enhance teaching skills. Participants must be tutoring students this summer semester and have availability for approximately five hours of commitment spread over five weeks. Details: Email rbagraith@psy.uq.edu.au.

Language and conversation in older adults

Researchers are seeking participants aged 60+ who are right-handed and neurologically healthy for a study investigating the potential benefits of non-invasive brain stimulation for executive language function in healthy older adults. Results from this study are expected to add to our understanding of how executive language processes work in healthy older adults and contribute to developing effective rehabilitation strategies for individuals with impaired language abilities. The study involves a single one hour session of non-invasive brain stimulation at the Queensland Brain Institute, UQ. Participants should be aged 60 years or above. Details: Daniel Madden.

Quit smoking and get fit with free exercise sessions

Researchers are seeking female volunteers aged 18–35 who are thinking about quitting smoking. The aim of this project is to compare the effects of two types of exercise: high intensity interval training and lifestyle physical activity over 12 weeks, to see how well exercise helps with a quit attempt. Participants may receive free supervised exercise session for 12 weeks, and will also receive free health and fitness tests, which take place at the St. Lucia campus. Travel costs for testing will be reimbursed. Details: Dr Toby Pavey.

Emotion perception neuroimaging study

Males aged 25–45, who are right-handed, with no history of mental illness, not currently on medication and with no metal implants are sought for a study on emotion perception and the brain dynamics involved. The study will involve two questionnaires and a brain scan which will take approximately 45 minutes. Participants will receive $30, a 3D image of their brain and a DWI structural connectivity image. Details: Contact Ilvana Dzafic or click here.



Food allergy and taste sensitivity study

Volunteers aged 18–55 with a clinically diagnosed food anaphylaxis (milk, peanut, tree nut, egg, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, etc.) are sought for a food allergy study. The study will comprise of 8 sessions, each 15 minutes long, over 4 days. The taste compounds will be food grade and free of allergens. Participants will be rewarded at the end. Details: Yun Liu.

Free nutrition and exercise training for overweight children and adolescents

Overweight children and adolescents aged 7–16 are needed for this study, which will include 10 free sessions with an accredited dietitian, supervised exercise training and health assessments. The study will involve twice weekly exercise sessions for 12 weeks, as well as fitness testing, body composition scans, heart and blood vessel assessment. Participants will receive their health and fitness results. Sessions are held at the St Lucia campus and free parking is provided. Details: Click here or contact Katrin Dias (3346 7767).

Asthma prevention trial

Researchers are seeking people who are pregnant or have a child younger than 9 months old, where the parents have allergies or a family history or asthma. Their children may be eligible for this trial. The Queensland Children's Medical Research Institute is conducting a trial using a medicine called OM-85 to prevent asthma in children. OM-85 are oral drops that prime the immune system so that the body can respond quickly to infections and reduce damage to the lungs, thus helping to prevent asthma.  Details: Contact Julie Varghese (3636 1283) or visit the QCMRI website and follow the "Quick Links".

Are you suffering from neck pain?

We are seeking research participants aged 18–55 who are suffering from neck pain. Specific neck exercise training will be provided for three months for free. Accuracy of exercise will be followed-up by a specialist physiotherapist every week in 10 minute sessions. Improvement of neck muscle control will be assessed every month up to four months, with $50 reimbursement per session. Details: Edith Elgueta.

Do you have acute low back pain

People aged 18–50 who have experienced low back pain in the past week are needed to participate in a 12 month study. Volunteers will be required to attend four sessions at the St Lucia campus, and will be reimbursed for their participation. To determine your suitability please complete this intake questionnaire. Details: Email longlbp.ccrespine@gmail.com

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Getting news into UQ Update

Please lodge all items for UQ Update through our request form. Items must be submitted by noon on Thursday to be included in the following Monday's issue. Please note items can only be included for one edition unless special circumstances exist. Enquiries can be directed to OMC on (07) 3365 2619.

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