The Residents

Union College accommodates 334 male and female students; one of the largest residential colleges on the UQ campus. The College population reflects that of the population at large and is approximately 50% male and 50% female. First years residents make up the largest group in College, however, older year and postgraduate students are well represented in the population. There are approximately 60 international residents in College each year from locations all over the world. College residents make the most of the opportunity to make lasting friendships from the diverse population - residents entering a range of professions and following a wide variety of interests.

1st Year Student (Applied Science) "What I like is being able to meet other students doing my course. The tutorials are really helpful" (Amber)

3rd Year Student (Engineering) "Living in College lets you focus on your University work not distracted by shopping and cooking. I love the proximity to UQ, it's so convenient." (Simon)

3rd Year Student (Commerce and Business Management) "This year I have been appointed as a College Resident Mentor which allows me to take an active leadership role in College and I find this really rewarding." (Gillian)

1st Year International Student from Singapore (Journalism and Psychology) "I feel really accepted here, as residents at Union College are friendly and welcoming to International students. College is definitely good value for money." (Celine)


University of Queensland Union College