Many resources are available to help you as a tutor.  

The University Library

  • The Library provides access to a wealth of print, online and multimedia teaching resources.
  • Your subject liaison librarian can assist you with locating existing resources and strengthening the collections to support your teaching program.

Key UQ web sites that you’ll need to use are:

Other resources that might help are on:

Theory of student learning

  • How students learn Deals with learning, the learning situation and the roles that the teacher plays in these
  •  A guide to active learning techniques (pdf) and how to shift the focus from the teacher’s delivery of the course to the student and their active engagement with the content
  • A guide to learning styles and how they affect the learner

Preparation and planning

Presenting and facilitating

Assessing and giving feedback

Handling difficult situations

Skills development

UQ Human Resources conducts courses relevant to tutoring through its Staff Development Program. You will need to find out from your course coordinator whether you will be paid to attend these training activities.