As a tutor, you are responsible for the safety of the students in your tutorial, and should be familiar with the following:

Medical emergencies

In case of medical emergency:

  • Remove the person from danger IF it is safe to do so
  • First aid should only be given by a qualified person, either a School or Centre nominated first aid officer or any security officer.
  • Call 336 53333 to alert Security (They will call an ambulance for you if required)
  • State
    • Your name and contact phone number
    • The exact location of the emergency (which building, floor, room number)
    • The number of persons injured
    • The nature of the accident/injury
    • What action has been taken
  • Arrange an easily located point to meet the emergency team and guide them to the spot
  • Delegate people to stay by the phone and people to meet the emergency team

As a tutor you need to:

  • Know where the fire exits are in every building in which you tutor
  • Let your class know where these are

In case of fire: 

  • Call 3365 3333 to alert Security (they will call the Fire Brigade for you)
  • Follow the instructions of the building’s Fire Warden
  • Warn/evacuate people if appropriate
  • Ensure the safety of disabled people
  • Confine the fire IF possible (close doors and windows)
  • Do NOT use lifts
  • Go to nearest prearranged assembly point

Laboratories and workshops
As a tutor you need to:

  • Familiarise yourself with the particular hazards and safety procedures for the workplace. You should refer to risk assessments that have been performed for any processes you will have to carry out or on equipment you will have to use.
  • Familiarise yourself with the UQ OHS Guidelines and in particular, those developed specifically for laboratories.
  • Enforce the dress requirements of the workplace
  • Enforce the conditions of access to the workplace
  • Alert your supervisor to any potential problems in the workplace

In the event of an environmental incident (spill, fire, explosion):

  • Phone Security 336 53333 (Note: do not use a mobile phone)
  • Alert people in surrounding area/buildings (in case of spill, also those that may be downwind from the affected area)
  • Alert relevant School/Centre/Section
  • If safe to do so, contain the spill, fire, etc
  • Obey all directions from Security and/or emergency services
Adapted from the ITEE Tutor's Administrative handbook 1/2007, and UQ Security's Emergency procedures leaflet June 2007

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