As a tutor you may be called upon to oversee student placement courses.

In this role you should:

  • Guide and encourage the student to apply the principles of best professional practice
  • Be regulary available to oversee the student
  • Encourage students to research any questions during their placement
  • Verify that the student attends their regular placement
  • Ensure students complete and return their placement assessment forms
  • Nofify the placements officer or academic supervisor of any issues or problems.
  • Ensure that a Fieldwork, Work-Off Campus & Travel Risk Management Plan is completed and that the student and placement facility comply with it.

Regarding payment and insurance aspects of student placement courses, you should be aware of the following:

  • The Head of School must follow the appropriate approval processes in order to ensure there are no problems with various types of insurance
  • Students should not be paid for their placement
  • Payment invalidates any University of Queensland insurance cover
  • There needs to be written agreement signed by UQ and the placement provider outlining responsibilites.
  • Students do not have professional liability insurance.
  • If placements are not in Australia, undergraduates need to take out their own travel insurance.

The relevant policy is Placement courses.